Buryn Seed Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    3 Likarnyana str., c. Buryn, Sumy reg., 41700, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05454) 2-17-36, 2-21-53, 9-17-36
Chairman of the Board – Mykola V. Boichenko

The company is specialised in stocking seeds of sugar-beet and their preparation for sowing by processing with protecting-stimulating chemicals.

- monocotyledonous diploid sorts;
Veselopodilyansky monocotyledonous 29
Belotserkovsky monocotyledonous 45
Uladovsky monocotyledonous 35
- Monocotyledonous diploid hybrids
Uladovo-Verhnyatskt ChS-37
Ukrainsky ChS-70
Lvovskoverhnyatsky ChS-21
Ivanovsky ChS-33
Verhnyatsky ChS-63
Sugar-beet seeds calibrated to 2 sowing fractions: 3.5-4.5 mm, 4.5-5.5 mm.

"Buryn Seed Plant" OJSC provides services on complete processing of sugar-beet:
- weighing and receipt of raw seeds;
- primary purification;
- drying;
- primary and basic purification;
- calibration of seeds to fractions;
- weighing and packing;
- shipment of seeds to the customer's transport;
- processing with protecting-stimulating chemicals.
- issuing accompanying forms;
During 24 hours the company is able to process:
- 144 tons of seed materials;
- calibre 99 tons;
- process with protecting-stimulating chemicals - 45 tons.

Company capacities enable to store 500 kg - 12 tons of incoming consignments of seed material, to store in silos individually by assortment and suppliers.

Engineering process also enables to carry out complete processing of each consignment of sugar-beet seeds without its mixing with other consignments.

Large experience of using the seeds processed to sowing by "Buryn Seed Plant" OJSC proves their reliability and competability. "Buryn Seed Plant" OJSC takes a leading position among similar enterprises preparing sugar-beet seeds to sowing.

Today the company is among few which work efficiently in processing sugar-beet seeds and gained deserved recognition among consumers by its stable position and professionalism. The company is proved to be a reliable producer of quality products and a reliable partner as well. To a considerable degree that was gained by knowledge and professionalism of the plant employees, coherence of activities of the entire production chain.

The enterprise is equipped with advanced, high-quality facilities and uses advanced technologies which enables almost not to damage the seeds during their processing, apply advanced protecting-stimulating chemicals:
- sulfocarbatione;
- Royal-Flo;
- Tachigaren;
- Semaphor;
- Betastimulin bio-stimulator.

The basis composition features the following preparations: Adiphur- Sulfocarbatione- Betastimulin. The basic composition was developed by the Institute of Sugar-beet of UAAS.

Further development of the company consists in spreading relations with constant partners, namely "TsukorImpeks" CJSC. Cooperation with "TsukorImpeks" enabled to extend the list of the services provided, operatively perform customers' orders and introduce a flexible system of payments and discounts.

"Buryn Seed Plant" OJSC welcomes producers of sugar raw materials to permanent and fruitful cooperation in the sphere of use of sugar-beet seeds (based on specially selected brands and ChS hybrids) with high yield, saccharinity. The brands have proved to be highly-yielded in various climate conditions.

The products sold have a warranty quality certificate.

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