Imbex, Private Firm

  • Address:
    9 Nezalezhnosti sq., c. Kuznetsovsk, Rivne reg., 34400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03636) 3-81-25, 3-82-82
Director Anatoliy Petrovich Zshukovskiy

The firm was founded in 1991.
The form of ownership: private firm.
Founder : Anatoliy Zshukovsky
The number of employees: 60

Sphere of business:
- wholesale and retail trade in foodstuffs;
- organisation of construction;
- adjustment and operating of telecom systems;
- electric communication services for natural and legal entities;
- Internet providing.

We have an experience of producing building materials and meat products. We also deal with organization of construction, adjustment and operation of telecommunication systems and provide telecommunication services to private individuals and legal entities

The firm owns 6 shops, 7 vehicles, storage premises of 600 square meters, a parking plot of 0,6 hectares, advertising and informational newspaper etc.

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