Chernivtsi Chemical Plant, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    35 M. Toreza str., c. Chernivtsy, 58025, Ukraine
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    +38(0372) 56-39-70, 56-39-80
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Director - Vasyl G. Viznyuk

The history of the Chernivtsi Chemical Plant dates back to 1924.
In 1991, the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR transferred the company on lease to the staff. In 1994, the Closed Joint Stock Company “Chernivtsi Chemical Plant” was created.
Today, the company specializes in production of water-soluble ecologically clean paints and varnishes, polyurethane and pentaphthalic enamels and varnishes, polyester base coats and putties; solvents, mastics, epoxy materials, polishing pastes, fire-protection pastes and filter cells. The production of the plant finds its application in vehicle and carriage making, furniture, construction, chemical, electrical and electrical engineering industries, in nuclear and water power plants.
During the years which passed after the creation of the independent Ukrainian state, the outdated products have been completely put out of production. Instead, over 40 new paint and varnish materials have been introduced and launched into production thanks to the cooperation with institutes and scientific institutions of Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Germany and France. A constant search for new partners for a mutually advantageous cooperation is in progress.
The executive bodies of the quality guarantee system in the plant are:
- the technical control department;
- the central plant laboratory;
- the research laboratory;
- the experimental and research production;
- the metrological service;
- the department of technological maintenance and production preparation.
These structural units function according to the company provisions, regulations and standards developed by the deputy General Directors, approved by the General Director and reviewed if necessary or at least once every 5 years.
These units design new product types to meet the potential needs of the customers and work out the compositions and production techniques. At this stage, all the mismatch possibilities and the necessary adjustment measures are analyzed and forecasted.
The production maintenance department prepares the necessary technical documentation (specifications, schedules and compositions) which goes through a complex system of inspections, adjustments and approvals. The same department is in charge of the material and technical maintenance of the production.
The central plant laboratory performs stage-by-stage control of the technological process and the conformity of the finished products with the specifications.
The technical control department carries out the on-receipt inspection of the raw materials in its laboratory, gets information from the central plant laboratory on the conformity of the products with the specifications, performs sampling inspection of all the consumption characteristics of the products basing on statistic methods and takes decisions about the possibility of the production marketing.
The plant carries out purposeful and serious work aimed at improvement of the working conditions of the employees and their remuneration system, at promotion of the material interest of every staff member. Much attention is paid to the social sphere.

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