UkrElektroMash, Kharkiv Electromechanical Plant, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    37 Iskrynska str., c. Kharkiv, 61050, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 732-45-50, 732-84-92
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Kharkiv Electromechanical Plant "UkrElektroMash" is the leading Ukrainian enterprise dealing with design and manufacture of short-circuited rotor induction motors. Having more than 70-year's experience of development and manufacture, the enterprise has established its reputation as a reliable partner that can guarantee competitiveness and high consumer properties of its products.

The enterprise was set up in 1931. Since that time, it has turned from a small factory into a major enterprise designing and manufacturing a variety of standard and optional induction motors rated to operate at 0,37-4,0 kW and serving as drives for mechanisms used in all industries, agriculture, nuclear power generation and sea fleet.

At present the enterprise mainly manufactures standard single-and three-phase short-circuited rotor induction motors of the AI series. Capacity performance with setting-out size for exporting is adopted in C (AIS) variant. Quality of assembly, safety level, cooling standards and principle performance specifications meet DIN requirements, IP-54 safety level and "F"-insulation class.

Besides standard electric motors to be used in industry, the enterprise develops and manufactures engines in a variety of designs, power capacities, and climatic modifications. Among them, we can distinguish those designed to be used at nuclear power stations, in cattle-breeding and poultry farming, and they can serve as drives of reclamation machines, NC machine tools, woodworking machines, refrigerant compressors, river boats and sea craft, household appliances, textile equipment and transporters and pumps, etc.

Performance specifications of the above-mentioned electric motors:
- 2AI, AIS, AIP types;
- height of shaft rotation: 80, 90, 100 mm;
- capacity from 0,37 up to 4,0 kW;
- 750 up to 3000 r/min;
- voltage 220-660 V;
- mains: 50, 60 Hz;
- modifications: IM 1081, IM 2081, IM 3081 with one or two free ends of the shaft;
- safety level: IP54, IP 55;
- class of isolation: F;
- to be used in various climatic zones

Quality of manufactured products meet the world standards. Our products are exported to the CIS countries, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, Syria, Hong Kong and Australia. The highly-qualified staff makes it possible to handle complex specific orders.

The electric motors are manufactured using the high performance up-to-date equipment made by both domestic and foreign producers, including Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries. The application of modem production methods enables to meet all customers' requirements.

The plant also produces:

1. Electric water pumps HELZ

- Centrifugal electric water pumps (BC- series) for clear water transfer, gardens watering and irrigation, water supply from wells, reservoirs, rivers and likes:
HELZ BC 0.8-20-U1.1 (aluminum, 2,88 kub.m)
HELZ BC 1.1-20-U1.1 (aluminum, 3,96 kub.m)
HELZ BC 1.2-20-U1.1 (aluminum, 4,32 kub.m)
HELZ BC 1.2-20-I-U1.1 (cast iron, 4,3 kub.m)
HELZ BC 1.6-20-U1.1 (aluminum, 5,76 kub.m)
HELZ BC 1.6-20-I-U1.1 (cast iron, 5,8 kub.m)

- Centrifugal submersible electric water pumps (BCPO- series) for drainage from flooded basements, rooms and cellars; water transfer from wells, basins and cisterns; water supply for ponds and fountain; water transfer from rivers and likes for gardens watering and irrigation; car washing:
HELZ BCPО 2.2-10А-U* with sensor (aluminum, 7,92 kub.m)
HELZ BCPО 2.2-10-U* (aluminum, 7,92 kub.m)

- Peripheral electric water pumps (VB- series) for clear water and food liquids transfer; gardens watering and irrigation; clear water supply to suburban and rural houses from wells, reservoirs, centralized water supply systems and other sources.
HELZ VB 0.25-20-I-U1.1 (cast iron, 0,9 kub.m)
HELZ VB 0.25-20-U1.1 (brass, 0,9 kub.m)

- Self-priming electric water pumps (BSC- series) for clear water transfer; gardens watering and irrigation; pressure boosting of water supply system in suburban and rural houses; reservoirs and basins clear water filling:
HELZ BSCN 0.5-30-U1.1 (stainless steel, 1,9 kub.m)
HELZ BSCI 0.5-30-U1.1 (cast iron, 1,8 kub.m)

- Automatic working pressure systems (BANU) for clear water supply to suburban and rural houses from wells, reservoirs, centralized water supply systems and other sources:
HELZ BANU BSCN 0.5-30/20 GN U1.1 (pressure tank from stainless steel and pump BSCN 0.5-30-U1.1)
HELZ BANU BSCI 0.5-30/20 GN U1.1 (pressure tank from stainless steel and pump BSCI 0.5-30-U1.1)

2. Electric fodder choppers for cutting rich fodder (roots, pumpkins, cabbages etc.) for feeding cattle and poultry in the farms. Capacity – not less than 800 kg/hour;

3. Electric sharpeners, power consumption 300 Wt.

The enterprise features closed production cycle of punching, nonferrous metal casting under pressure and in metal chill, machining, stator winding, assembly, painting, testing and packing.

"UkrElektroMash" has own research department presented by the special design office employing experienced personel dealing with design and research of induction motors.

The company's tool-making department designs and manufactures all the necessary production tool sets: stamps, press forms, special cutting tools and measuring instruments. The nonferrous metal casting shop is equipped with latest equipment and has necessary facilities to cast high presicion work material in a variety of shapes from alumium alloys and by customer-provided dimensions.

The enterprise is located in the city center and occupies the area of 137 500 kq.m, with the production area and amenity rooms occupying 100 000 kq.m. There are access roads for trucks as well as a railway located nearby.

The enterprise has all the necessary facilities to begin joint manufacture of electric motors together with a developer and manufacturer of 0,37-4,0 kW electric motors with the height of the shaft rotation of 80, 90, 100 mm.

Contact us and we will perform your orders taking into account your technical requirements better, faster and cheaper then others could. We will also provide for maintenance of our products.

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