Bank-note and Mint Court of National Bank of Ukraine

  • Address:
    6 Melioratyvna str., c. Kyiv, 02000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 530-50-92
Director General: S. Ivanuta

The Bank-note and Mint Court of National Bank of Ukraine was put into operation in March 1994.

The Banknote Factory is capable to develop designs using the contemporary system of computer graphics, to make the original and printing plates and security inks. The Banknote Factory is equipped with the printing lines, which include offset and intaglio machines, numbering machines, highly productive machines for hologram application, automatic production quality control, lines for automatic banknote processing.
The Banknote Factory is equipped with about 250 units of technological equipment, made by leading European firms.

Today the Banknote Factory carries out orders on making banknotes, different types of securities and documents, which are subject to reporting, including bonds of internal state savings loan, money cheques of National Bank of Ukraine, privatization certificates, excise stamps for tobacco and alcohol products, souvenir postal stamps. All securities, which are made by the Banknote Factory, have the up-to-date protection methods from falsification.

In April 1997 the Banknote Paper Mill was brought into operation, which allowed to fully provide the country's needs in high-quality banknote paper. The high technological processes, implemented on the Mill, allow to make paper not only for banknotes, but also for documents and securities. The state-of-the-art technological equipment for processing cotton raw materials and making paper with mould multi-tone fixed watermarks and other security elements is installed at the Banknote Paper Mill. The Banknote Paper Mill produces paper for printing hryvnia, a paper for securities, passports, railway tickets, excise stamps and other documents, which are subject to reporting.

In April 1998 the Mint was opened, which is the integrated part of the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of the National Bank of Ukraine. The basic task of the Mint is providing the state with commemorative and jubilee coins from precious and non-ferrous metals, coins of public circulation, state rewards and signs, providing home organizations on making of departmental rewards and commemorative medals, and also execution of orders of foreign countries on coins minting both from precious metals and for public circulation.

The Mint was created as flexible high technological enterprise, in which for all of stages of production preparation the machinery with computer numerical control is provided. For the first time in the world at the Mint of the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of the National Bank of Ukraine the hydraulic presses with program control for minting of jubilee and commemorative coins. In these presses instead of blow the plastic metal deformation is carried out by strong reiterated press stress considerably improving coins quality and adding to durability of coinage tool. High capacity coinage equipment and modern system of automated production control, which are present at the department of public circulation coins minting, allow to keep the high level of job management and production quality.