Ukrainian State Research Institute of Plastic Mixtures

  • Address:
    97 Illicha ave., c. Donetsk, 83059, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 295-73-85, 349-32-15
Ukrainian State Research Institute of Plastic Mixtures /UkrgosNIIplastmass/ is an institution subordinate to the State Committee of industrial policy of Ukraine and is stated as the main organization for development and production of epoxy resins, hardeners and material on their base as well as of other oligomers and polymers polycondensation types /phenolophormaldehyde, carbamide, alkyd, acryl and allyl series, plasticizers and others).

Due to a unique combination of operation properties (low toxicity, high stability at storage, excellent electric properties, high strength, thermal and chemical resistance, excellent optical properties, which are retained at low and high temperature conditions and high moisture, easy processing into articles with high-productive methods) polymer materials of the institute profile are widely used in the main branches of the national economy.

Developed materials are used in:

- aviation and rocket-building: adhesives, binders, protective coatings and others;
- shipbuilding and ship repair: protective decorative coatings, adhesive compositions etc.;
- radio and electric engineering: pot and impregnated compounds, conductive adhesives of hot and cold curing with thermal resistance to 4-00 °C, sealers, etc.;
- auto and machinery building: binders for glass- and organoplastics, one-packed adhesives for corrosive protection and sealing of adhesive-welded perimeter flange, doors and others, phenol powder adhesives for manufacture of diamond cut instruments and precise casting; adhesive of construction purposes, lacquers, enamels, powder coating compositions and others;
- medicine: adhesives for single-applied syringes, adhesives and binders for medical equipment;
-building: adhesives for polymer-concrete; putties and adhesives of different properties (elasticity, weather resistance etc.); pot polymer floor coatings, coating lacquers and. enamels etc.;
mine industry: fiberglass plastic supports, chemical and. water resistant Elastics for repair of electroplating bathes and. mine accumulators, anti-corrosion non-frosted, types for protection of mine shafts, adhesives for conveyer belts and. others;
- oil-gas industry; powder paint for outside three-layer coating metal tubes of large diameter for oil- and gas-pipeline mains; mastics for repair of gas pipes of large diameter;
- domestic facilities; repair of ceramics pottery, metal-, wood-, glass-articles etc;
- nuclear power: binders for glass plastics resistant to heavy radiation. The cohesive contain up to 40-45% of lead their screening ratio making 50-60 times;
- many other fields

The materials are principally based on domestic natural raw materials.
The trademark of our products is UP (Ukrainskie plastmassy)