Elastomer, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    58, Belhorodska str., c. Horlivka, Donetsk reg., 84639, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 335-37-81, (0624) 59-80-81, 59-80-82
  • Web-site:
Chairman of the Board - Grayr G. Khachatryan

The works was built in 1983 and in Ukraine it is the sole producer of mold rubber footwear of general and special purpose: acid and alkali-resistant, oil and petrol proof, with anti-strike properties and with anti-sliding sole:

- model 14210 is footwear of technical purpose - legs protection against solutions of inorganic acids and alkalis, petrochemical, oils and fats
- model 14210 M is acid and alkali-resistant footwear protecting from sliding on oil surface (anti-sliding sole)
- model 1930 MP is footwear with reinforcement in the toe part for miners and metallurgists
- model 14207 C, CD is footwear protecting against general production contamination, fishing
- pump ferrule IB 20/10 is used for pumping out of shaft waters
- Under-rail gasket PRB(D) is used under ferrous-concrete and wooden sleepers

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