Donetsk Proektbudindustriya, Donetsk Survey and Design Technological Institute, Close Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    31 Shevchenka bulv., c. Donetsk, 83017, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 334-09-33, 345-43-78
Chairman of the Board: Anatoliy F. Berezhny

Specialization: development of project, technological and normative documentation; technical assistance in introduction of new technologies

"Donetsk Proektbudindustriya" Donetsk Survey and Design Technological Institute, Close Joint-Stock Company, is the basic Ukrainian institute, which specializes in the following problems:
1. We organize newly built manufactures and re-structure of operating ones to produce competitive production that meets the European standards and base on the methods of progressive technologies.
2. We offer the technical-engineering and normative base of production's certification.
3. We design mining passages, recultivation of waste quarries, dragging of new quarries for useful minerals mining in open ground mines. We also project manufactures for ore concentration according to all demands of the coordination sequence in Ukraine.
4. We project houses and public buildings, offices, industrial and trade buildings and constructions, storehouses, sport and show buildings, buildings for motor transport enterprises.
5. We inspect buildings and constructions, draw conclusions for auditory inspection, we search for technical solutions for full repair recondition, consult on further exploitation.
6. We implement works related to buildings and engineer constructions' strengthening, including those under conditions of mine collapses and land subsidence, which may be consequent to the growing of technological and other pressure, and also due to high wear-off effect. We make projects of assembling and disassembling of buildings as well.
7. We design building and reconstruction works of electrical power supply of objects with energy use (boiler-houses, compressing-houses, transformer substations), purification constructions, engineering cable and communications, gas supply, water purification constructions, the objects of communal and agricultural purposes, engineer construction of roads and railways.
8. We prepare "Business-plans" for investment projects on the base of new technologies.
9. We elaborate investment projects for reconstruction of the production process the base of new technologies.
10.We organize examination of the topicality of investment projects, technical and normative documentation.