Azov, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    1 Mashynobudivnykiv sq., c. Mariupol, Donetsk reg., 87535, Ukraine
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    +38(0629) 53-01-25, 56-08-53, 56-08-68
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The Public Joint-Stock Company “Azov” is a major machine engineering enterprise in Ukraine - “Azovmash, OJSC ”- well-known in the world market as a supplier of railway vehicles, metallurgical and mining equipment, lifting-and-conveying machinery, fuel refilling trucks, trucks, armored vehicles, etc.

“AzovMash” Plant manufactures over 250,000 tons of welded parts and up to 350,000 tons of mechanical devices annually, while employing about 15,000 workers.

Construction of railway cars has always been a priority of the plant, including over 40 items of railway tanks. This range also includes unique designs of high-capacity railway tanks destined for liquefied gas, oil tanks, covered cars and goods trucks.
With the range of heavy machinery we can distinguish:
- metallurgical equipment (that for blast-furnace departments, including furnaces with a capacity of 5 m3 and over; oxygen-converter plants that make steel ranging from 5 to 400 tons in capacity);
- mining equipment (single-bucket excavators for pits);
- ore mining rotor complexes rated to produce 2,500 – 5,250 m3 per year.
- stacking conveyors for various terraces, including rotor stacking collectors rated to produce 1,000 m3 a year.
The company is also a powerful producer of unique hoisting and transportation machinery, bridge cranes with a capacity ranging from 16 tp 160 tons, frame cranes of 40 – 400 tons.

The company is the only producer of refilling aircraft, stationary facilities to refill both civil and military aircraft and those to refill spacecraft and missiles, high-capacity fuel trucks, underground and surface storage containers for liquefied gas, heating water boilers of 1000 kW for autonomous heat supply.

Metal-purchase and metal-making divisions have powerful closed-cycle electric steel-making facilities enabling to manufacture metal castings and semi-finished products, including special-purpose steels and alloys.

Over 500 items of forging and pressing equipment make it possible to produce a wide range of hot and cold molded billets and parts. The enterprise produce household goods – heating and running water equipment, gas and electric cookers, boilers burning gas and solid fuel, goods from plastic, joining pipes and pipeline components.

Azov” OJSC supplies its products to 20 countries all over the world, namely, Bulgaria, Finland ,Algeria , Iran, Yugoslavia, Poland, North Korea, Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Slovakia, Czech Republic , Nigeria and Hungary.

”Azov”, JSC has more than 40-year experience of operation in the world market, and complex quality assurance system is employed at the enterprise which meets to requirements of ISO 9001 standard that is certified by technical inspection “TUV NORD” (Germany) and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine).

The company is also certified in compliance with the Russian Standards and by the Hungarian Institute MBVIT and has all the required permissions and licenses issued by supervision and inspection societies to design and manufacture all the products. The company was awarded a number of prizes of the respected European organizations confirming the company’s achievements in terms of quality.

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