Ecomat Oil and Gas, Engineering Company, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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    Building 8, 19 O.Pyrohovskoho str., c. Kyiv, 03110, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 275-35-83, 275-42-98, 275-94-11
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Chairman of the Board - Olexandr Ya. Skvyrsky

The Joint Stock Company "Engineering Company "Ecomat Oil and Gas" (Environment-friendly materials and technologies in the oil and gas industry) was founded on the basis of the association of the same name which has been operating since 1990. Its founders are oil and gas industry enterprises and organizations and the National Academy of Ukraine.
The major activities of the Company are as follows:
- Designing.
Preliminary and complete study of economic efficiency; advanced designing methods; technology of production; detailed designing; computer designing and modeling; construction drawings and technical standards; designing for different climate conditions.
- Construction of turn-key objects.
Construction general contract; construction supervision; assembly, start and set up services; safety engineering on the productive area and ecological safety.
- Delivery.
Offered prices marketing and analyses; purchasing; transportation and supply technology; shipping and inspection; inspection of material and equipment quality.
- Transfer of the technology.
Operation of the objects; training on the place for work; technical documentation; technical assistance.
- International trade in energy carriers.
The professional core of the Company are highly qualified specialists that have excellent engineer-technical training and experience in organizing, management and accomplishment of complex engineering projects, including:
- natural gasoline plants and refineries;
- main gas and oil pipelines, including compressors and pumping stations;
- gas and oil exploration and development well drilling including vertical and horizontal well drilling;
- facilities for oil and gas production and treatment;
- gas and oil storages, including storages in mine workings and salt beds;
- sea and river terminals for oil and oil-products transshipment and storing;
- heat power-stations;
- boiler works;
- bridges;
- railroads and trunk roads.
The main care of present-day industry in hydrocarbons production, transportation and refining is the protection of power resources and the improvement of environment.

Facilities and structures designed and constructed by our Company are based on the protection, rehabilitation, preservation and rational use of natural resources.

Another activity of the Company is trade in raw oil, natural and liquefied gas and the products of their processing. The Company has a broad network of suppliers and consumers of the mentioned energy carriers.

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