Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  • Address:
    M. Omelyanovycha-Pavlenko str., 9, c. Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 521-92-77
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The Academy is a government-run research organisation, with the state form of ownership. It was founded in Septemder, 1990 by the decree of the Cabinet Council of the UkrSSR.
The main task of the Academy is the scientific support for the development of agroindustrial complex branches, in particular:
- analysis and forecast of lines of development in agroindustrial complex;
- coordination of subjects of researches and methodical management of the research activity of scientific establishments;
- organization and carrying out scientific research on agroindustrial complex issues;
- search and application of new, perfect forms of research work implementation;
- methodical providing of application of achievements in science, engineering and advanced experience into production;
- scientific achievements legal security ensurance;
- highest-quality seeds and seeds of highest reproduction manufacture, crops seed grains production, pedigree production;
- scientific brainpower training and re-training.

Prospectives of development - further strngthening and widening of scientific potential and increase of its influence level upon agroindustrial complex production in order to provide for annual gross output increase by not less than 20%, labour productivity - by 15%, productive efficiency - 30%.

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