Elmis, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    9 Boryspilska str., c. Kyiv, 02096, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 566-12-77, 566-87-22
General Director - Oleksandr I. Bochkaryov

The enterprise is located in Darnitsa - industrial area of Kiev city.
The enterprise has 6427 sq. m reserve of the assembling, erecting industrial areas.
The enterprise has all kinds of modern technologies on assembling, erecting, off-line mode and comprehensive test of any kinds of radio-electronic equipment.
One of enterprise's shop is equipped with two conveyor lines in 36 workplaces for assembling and erecting of radio-electronic equipment.
In shops there are zones with controllable temperature, humidity and dust content, that allows to make microelectronic products on the thin-film technology basis with application of unpackage circuit technology.
The laboratories, which located in screened production areas, are equipped with wide range of standard measuring instruments, highly sensitive complexes on PC base for electrical parameter checking and stands for mechanical tests.
The winding product shop has the equipment which allows to make range of electrical products from welding apparatus up to controlling transformers with mandrel diameter prior to 2 mm.
There is a serial technological design office and technical control services with high qualified experts in production profile.

The factory masters output and conducts manufacturing of the following kinds of equipment:
• «KURS» - searching, approaching and docking system of space crafts on nearearth orbit;
• PCM 15/30 - data transmission digital system;
• BCTK - the channels digital transit unit;
• BP CTK - the power supply for channels digital transit unit;
• «RADAN MSK» - the PCM microwave communication complex;
• VOSP-30/120 - fiber-optics transmission system;
• «ELMIS»-ELECTRONIKA-UV» - the storage-battery electronic cash device;
• «FAKEL» - the pulse code modulator 3/7-T-5;
• ARDS-200 - the device for manual arc welding and metal cutting;
• Development and manufacturing of winding products;
• KPT (KPT-13 version) - control and diagnostics complex of tunneller engineering;
• AIST - individual high-frequency communication technological equipment;
• KUZ - face machine control apparatus system;
• AUZM.1M - face machine control equipment;
• AS-3S.2M - the apparatus of loud communication and preventive alarm in lava;
• AKIN.2 - the monitoring and indication device of mining machine condition;
• VKP - the belt-conveyer weighbridge.