Consrtuction Industry, Open Joint Stock Company

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    7 Budindustrii str., c. Kyiv, 01013, Ukraine
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General Director - V. Nesterov

JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi" for more than 50 years has been the largest manufacturer of building materials in Ukraine.

The production of enterprise includes:
- floor coverings –linoleum without basis such as MP, semi-warm - VKP I - 1,8, warm VKP I - 3,6;
- roofing materials - rubberoid RKP-350 and pergamin P-350;
- thermal-isolating materials – plates of a mineral cotton wool and also soft timber-fibrous plates (DVP), well recommended itself in regions of Far North, Far East and in Central Asia. This production for past decades has won authority not only in Ukraine and Russia, and but in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, in all the countries of CIS.

The geographical position of the enterprise is very convenient for transportation of the consignments, people and placement of advertising. It is located on the border of two regions of Kyiv – the oldest, central - Pechersky and new - Kharkivsky. The largest crossroad of the highways: Kyiv - Kharkiv, Kiev - Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv - Moscow and the Kyiv circle road is situated not far from it. The JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi" has the ramified system of railway access roads; the “Kiev – Moscow” railway station, the "Botanical"stop of electrotrains of the Moscow direction and the "Vydubichi" underground station are also close to it, and the company is served by the specialized enterprise of a railway transport.

Linoleum consists of three layers. The upper layer is duplicated by an abrasive resistant transparent obverse polyvinylchloride film with printed figure, which is put from the inside and is not subject to deleting. The lower layer of the "VKP" linoleum is made of non-fabric needle-punched synthetic material serving in as a thermal-isolating layer. The ecologically safe plastificator, in accordance to Health Ministry of Ukraine sanitary-hygienic standards is being used in production.

Linoleum is controlled by bodies of public health services of Ukraine and is allowed for a floor covering in residential and public buildings, children's and medical establishments, is certificated, has the certificate of conformity. Service life of such linoleum is decades of years.

Rubberoid RKP-350 (GOST 10923-83) is made by impregnation of a roofing cardboard with petroleum bitumen and covering it with petroleum bitumen on both parties with subsequent dust covering. A roll is of 15 sq.m, weight of a roll is 26 kg, width of a cloth of -1050 mm, carload norm of delivery is 22500 sq.m.

Pergamin P-350 (GOST 2697-83). Pergamin is a rolled material made by impregnation of a roofing cardboard with a petroleum bitumen. It is used as lower layer material in construction and industry. A roll is of 20 sq.m., weight of a roll is 15 kg, width of it is1050 mm. Carload norm of shipment is 44000 sq.m.

A year by year the situation with power resources becomes aggravated. The prices for energy considerably increased and the problem of heat preservation acquires more and more attention. For reliable warming of country, residential, service and industrial premises Kyiv
JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi" produces plates of a mineral cotton wool (GOST 21880-86) and timber-fibrous plates, (DVP M 12 GOST 4598-86).

Plates of a mineral cotton wool are produced from a thin fiber received by melting of domain slag and basalt. Other impurity is excluded, therefore they are ecologically pure. These items concern to a category of fireproof materials. Rats and mice don’t live in them, they are used for warming of hollow walls, chimneys, of overlaps between floors, and also for warming of roofs, saunas and balconies. The excellent flexibility of mineral cotton wool plates allows to use them for a thermal insulation of pipelines, equipment and instrumentation of a difficult configuration. Mineral cotton wool plates are highly effective thermal-isolating materials with excellent physical-mechanical parameters. The mineral cotton wool plates parameters are: heat conduction - 0,038 - 0,044 W / mK at the temperature of 25 S. Density of 85-110 kg / m., sizes 2000 x 1000 x 60 mm. Mineral cotton wool plates are produce on a layer material (a pergamin, a glass canvas) or without it by sewing wit a glass thread.

Timber-fibrous plates (DVP M-12) is an excellent thermal-sound-isolating material, ecologically pure and safe in operation. The JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi" is a unique Ukrainian manufacturer of the soft DVP. It is a sheet material produced by wet forming by the further drying of fibres, kaolin (a sort of a white clay), and a little quantity of paraffin for increase of water resistance. Besides the warming of overlaps, lofts, penthouses, balconies and garages DVP is used for warming and facing of internal walls in living rooms, studios, offices with following painting or covering with wall-papers. DVP parameters are: thermal conductivity - 0,07 W / mK, sizes of a sheet 1800 x 1200 x 12 mm, carload norm of delivery - 6000 sq.m.

KDP rubber glue has been made by the JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi" for more than 30 years, earlier was known as KN-3 glue. In all the governmental, prestigious public buildings, the Cabinet of Ministers, Supreme Council, "Ukraine" palace, Mariinsky palace etc. parquet lies by decades due to this glue. In "Ukraine" palace it has lain for almost 30 years. KDP glue is also used for glueing metal, concrete, linoleum.

Glue parameters are: a consumption for parquet is 1800-2000 g/sq.m, for linoleum - 300-500 g/sq.m., strength of pasting tree - concrete 0,32 (3,2) MPa (kg /

Centrifuged ferroconcrete pipes of a low pressure for sewer and water drain collectors. From 12 of the manufacturers of such pipes working in a 1990 only 5 act nowadays. One of them is the JSV "Kombinat Strojindustriyi". During the last decade in Ukraine almost in 10 times production of these pipes, and consequently both construction and repair of the worn out collectors was reduced. In large cities sinkage of asphalt and bases of buildings is noticed, as from under them the ground from slots of a collector is carried away. The engineering networks are filled up by this ground and cease to function. There is a threat of falling of buildings and structures, of aggravation of a sanitary - epidemiological and ecological situation. The necessity of deployment of repair acting and construction of new collectors is obvious.
The enterprise produces ferroconcrete pipes (TU 550.2.178-90) with diameters of 600-800-1000-1200 and 1400 mm.
First of them are groovy, others – of socket type.

A concrete and ferroconcrete are also constantly in sale.