Generator, State Owned Plant

  • Address:
    18 Novokostyantynivska str., c. Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 413-94-05, 413-94-24, 417-01-80
Director - Mykola N. Zakhrabov

Kiev Plant Generator nowadays is one of the most promising enterprises of domestic machine-building.

The State Kiev Plant Generator engineers, produces and delivers:
- wide range of microwave electron discharge and semiconductor devices of special and wide application;
- technological equipment;
- consumer goods.

Created in 1959 for execution of state programme of creating electronic engineering enterprises to produce elemental base for radiolocation, jet-aviation and astronautics, nuclear power engineering, television and radio-astronomy stormy having been developed in 60-s , the Plant belonged to the First Chief Department of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR.
Primary the Plant was oriented to produce electron discharge devices of microwave range which were intended to be used in radars, aircraft and ship's board equipment, communication engineering and in measurement microwave equipment. Quick and optimally planned engineering of production areas allowed to start manufacturing devices already since 1960.
In the first years of its activity the Plant Generator had been engineering and producing microwave devices developed by various scientific-research institutes of the country.

However in a short space of time the Plant had created its own scientific and production base, and in 1967 Special Design Office (now SDO Spectrum) was created having been specialized in microwave electronic engineering, and in 1979 Particular Special Design Office of machine-building (now PSDO Module) was created which was oriented to technological equipment engineering.
After creation of Special Design Office since 1967 the Plant began to engineer and produce microwave devices of its own development.

Considerable production growth and scientific researches in a new field for that time - microwave electronic solid-state devices close to vacuum devices at power level - brought up the question of production areas expansion.

As a result in 1978 according to decision of government of the country the second production area was created (the Plant Accord) at which mainly production of solid-state microwave devices was developed.

Besides, production of sophisticated consumer goods such as a tape recorder attachment of the highest category of complexity Elektronika-004K-stereo , tape-recorder for blind men Kobzar (talking book), printer Elektronika-MC-6317, printheads ТСПГ-3, chemical power sources with lithium anode and later gas meters Г-6, Г-4, Г-2.5, Г-1.6, etc was developed at these areas.

Putting into operation of the new production areas allowed considerably to increase output and make production and technological base much as possible isolated, with own heat-energy, technological gases, chemically pure water production. Production of high-frequency ceramics components and of components through powder metallurgy method etc was created.
Number of people working at the Plant by the late 70s and early 80s was about 5000.

In 1970 the Production Association Octava was created, in which the Plant Generator was leading.
Aside from the Plant Generator, PA Octava included scientific-research institute Saturn(the city of Kiev), scientific-research institute Orion (the city of Kiev), branches of the Plant Generator: the plant Projector (the town of Malin), Machine-building plant (the town of Tchernobyl), SDO Spectrum (attached to the Plant Generator), PSDO Module (attached to the Plant Generator).

In 1981 the Plant Generator was decorated with Order of the Red Banner of Labor for high production achievements.

Since Ukraine had become an independent state the Plant Generator is the leading plant in the Ministry of Industry Politics of Ukraine in production of microwave electronic devices and is one of few producing Gunn diodes, p-i-n diodes, broadband backward lamps with electrostatic focusing.

The Plant has business relations with many scientific-research institutes and plants of the countries of the former USSR and also with foreign companies. In the period of conversion the new production was created and then detached into separate , parallel to the main profile: the production of gas meters Г-6, Г-4 , and models Г-2.5, Г-1.6 were engineered , electronic variants are being developed.