Kharkiv National Municipal Academy

  • Address:
    Marshala Baztanova str., 17, c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 706-15-54, 707-32-05, 707-33-55
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Rector - V. Babaev

Kharkiv National Municipal Academy is a modern scientific and educational complex, that trains specialists in all fields of educational and specialization standards: from junior specialist, Bachelor and Master to Candidates and Doctors of Sciences on the basis of higher education.

Academy trains specialists for municipal construction management, transport, electric and energy supply, water and gas supply industries; urban economics; hotel management and tourism; improvement of urban ecology and population areas ecology.

Academy trains more than 16000 students, 300 students are citizens of 30 countries of the world. The branches of Academy successfully work in Greece and Israel. Academy has close scientific and business contacts with higher educational establishments, scientific and research institutions from 11 countries of the world, among them are France, Germany, Finland, the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, etc.

The staff of Academy enumerates 500 teachers, 70 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, more than 300 PhD lecturers.

8 world standard schools, which are headed by Doctors of Sciences, Professors, Candidates of Sciences, and PhD lecturers, successfully work in Academy.

11 branch scientific and research laboratories, namely "Megapolis Centre", engineering centre of phyto-technologies, inter-faculty laboratory of Academic scientific and research complex (ASRC), which have the international recognition.

Academy has 6 educational corps, a library with the stock of 882000 volumes, a student campus with 6 hostels, a sport centre with many large and small game halls, halls for track and fields athletics, gymnastics, bodybuilding, boxing, martial arts and simulators.

There is a student sanatorium, dining halls and numerous cafes.

Kharkiv National Municipal Academy trains students at 11 departments:
- Town Planning and Development
- Economics and Entrepreneurship
- Management
- Urban Engineering Ecology
- Power Supply and City Lighting
- City Electric Transport
- Correspondence department
- Foreign Students department
- Postgraduate and Distant Learning department
- Upgrading Skills and Retraining department
- Preparatory department

According to the level of training the Academy graduates get the diplomas of Bachelor Degree, Specialist Degree and Master Degree in the following specialties and departments.

Economics and Entrepreneurship Department:
- Accounting and Audit,
- Economics of Enterprises:
- Economics of Construction Enterprises
- Economics of Municipal Enterprises

Management Department:
- Management of Organisations:
- Municipal Organisations Management,
- Construction Organisations Management,
- Self-governing Organisations Management,
- Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management;
- Logistics;
- Transport systems;
- Traffic Control Organisation;
- Transportation Organisation and Transport Management.

Town Planning and Development Department:
- Town Planning and Development;
- Industrial and Civil Construction:
- Labour Safety in Construction;
- Urban Construction and Economy:
- Technical Maintenance, Engineering and Reconstruction of Buildings;
- Geo-Information Systems and Technologies.

Urban Engineering Ecology Department:
- Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
- Water Supply and Sewerage:
- Water and Sewerage Purification;
- Ecology and Environment Protection.

Power Supply and City Lighting Department:
- Engineering Systems of Electricity Consumption;
- Lighting Engineering and Sources of Light

City Electric Transport Department:
- Electric Transport:
- Labour Safety and Protection in City Transport.

Correspondence Department
- All specialities

Foreign Students Department
Training of foreign students and students from Commonwealth of Independent States

Upgrading Skills and Retraining Department
Skills upgrading and retraining of personnel in all specialities of Kharkiv National Municipal Academy

The academic year starts on September, 1.
The students' training is carried out according to the academic curriculum and programmes, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
After acquiring Master's Degree the students can continue their education at the post-graduate course in 21 specialities. The term of training at the post-graduate course is 3 years.

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