Institute of Metrology, National Scientific Center

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    42, Myronosytska str., c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 700-34-09, 700-34-19, 700-34-22, 700-34-47
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National Scientific Center "Institute of metrology" conducts scientific fundamental and applied research in the field of metrology and implements scientific and research works, connected with creating, improving, storing and applying primary and secondary standards, creating the systems of the units transfer, developing noramtive documents on metrology, creating state programs on metrology and conception of the development of the state metrological systems and realizes state metrological control and scientific and methodical providing of metrological activity in Ukraine.

In the fixed kinds of measurements there are created more than 40 national standarts, which provide reproductivity and storing of physical quantities units with the highest accuracy and transfer the size of these units according to the state verification schemes. According to the Minister Cabinet of Ukraine from 01.04.99 № 527 and from 19.12.2001 № 1709 the standard base is put on the State register of the objects which are national patrimony.

- Means of measurement techniques and metrological providing


- Verification and calibration of measurement technical means
- Metrological certification of measurement technique means
- Metrological examination of normative documents, technical tasks
- Training and improvement of professional skills of staff in the field of metrology
- Development and realization of standards and individual working means of the measurement techniques
- Development of normative documents in the field of metrology (measurement realization methods, metrological certification, verification and calibration programs and methods and others)
- Accreditation of calibration laboratories
- Accreditation for the right of conducting certification of measurement realization procedures
- State tests (state acceptance and control tests), approving the type of measurement technique means

- Certification of quality management systems
- Certification of products, including software
- Certification of the staff of calibration, testing and measurement laboratories

- Development of DSTU and state regulations
- Harmonization of national standards with international and European standards
- Development of technical tasks, specifications, manuals on exploitation, measurement technique means passports.

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