Yaroslav the Wise National Law University

  • Address:
    Pushkinska str., 77, c. Kharkiv, 61024, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 704-11-20, 704-11-62, 704-11-71
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National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine» is self-governing (autonomous) state higher law educational establishment of IV level of accreditation.

The academy incorporates 13 departments (10-full-time, 2 - correspondence and 1 - part-time). Graduates of all the departments receive the diploma of lawyer and eligible for practice in various fields, namely:
- Department 1 - prosecution organs;
- Department 2 - law and national economy;
- Department 3 - crime investigation;
- Department 4 - officers at the Justice Department bodies;
- Department 5 - investigators for the Security Service of Ukraine;
- Department 6 - officers for the Military Justice Department;
- Department 7 - Lawyers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
- Department 8 - Judges;
- Department 9 - officers for crime investigation and executive bodies of power;

The Crimean Department of the National Academy of Law (Simferopol) named after Yaroslav Mudry awards Bachelor's degree in Law to its graduates.

The academy faculty includes:
- two State prize winners (Prof. Ch.N. Azimov, Department of Civil Law and V. K. Popov, Head of Ecological Law Department);
- eight Academicians and 15 Corresponding members of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine;
- eight Honoured Scientists of Ukraine;
- twelve Honoured Educationists of Higher School;
- two Honoured Cultural Workers;
- eight Honoured Lawyers;
- seven Honoured Professors - elders of the Ukrainian National Academy of Law named after Yaroslav Mudry

Rector of the academy, V.Ya. Tatsiy and First Pro-rector, V.V. Stashys, were awarded the orders (fifth and fourth degrees) of the prince Yaroslav the Wise and all the orders for service (first, second and third degrees), the order of Bohdan Kmelnytsky, respectively.

As a result of long, hard and fruitful work, the academy saw the formation of authoritative law schools dealing with:
- theory and history of state and law (Prof. V.D. Honcharenko, Prof. V. O. Petryshyn, Prof. V.O. Rumyantsev, Prof. I.P. Safronova, Prof. M.M. Strakhov, Prof. M.V. Tsvik);
- constitution and state building and international law (Prof.Yu.M. Todyka, Prof. M.P. Voronov, Prof. Yu.P. Bytyak, Prof. M.V. Buromensky, Prof. V.S. Semenov);
- civil and civil-procedural law and labor law (Prof. Ch.N. Azimov, Prof. V.V. Komarov, Prof. P.I. Zhygalkin);
- ecological and agrarian law (Prof. V.K. Popov, Prof. V.M. Hayvoronsky, Prof. A.P. Hetman, Prof. A.M. Statyvka, M.V. Shulha);
- crinimal law (Prof. V.Ya.Tatsiy, Prof. V.V. Stashys, Prof. M.I. Bazhanov, Prof. S.B. Havrysh);
- criminal-procedural law and criminalistics;
- criminology and reformatory law

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