Effect, Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    10, Georgiyivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61010, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 733-14-21, 737-24-82, 757-44-80
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General Director - Dmytro Bobik

Nowadays perfumery and cosmetic factory "Effect" is the biggest enterprise in Ukraine that conforms fully to the definition "domestic producer".

Joint stock company was established on the base of perfumery and cosmetic factory that was founded in Kharkov in 1934. All these years products of our company have been favouring smile and good mood to millions of consumers.

The principal power of JSC "Effect" is a crew of professionals that turns out high-quality products. The experience of activity on the perfumery and cosmetic market has allowed to make a conception of high-quality manufacturing using modern technologies, establish traditions, strike out a strategy of long-term mutual relationship with business partners.

Our suppliers of raw materials are the biggest companies of the world in substances manufacturing branch for perfumery and cosmetic production, such as: Cognis, Clariant, Dragoco, FREY+LAU GMBH, IFF, SCHUMANN SASOL, Floressence, FRUTAROM and others (more than 10 countries and 50 suppliers).

The process of manufacturing itself is carried out with the equipment of Swiss companies "FRYMA" and "IWKA". JSC "Effect" is the unique company in Ukraine that possesses such high-capacity production possibilities.

Natural fats and oils, drug herbs extracts and various natural vitamin complexes are used in the manufacturing of cremes.

Products are manufactured with unique water from our own 811 meters deep artesian well, the layer of which was formed 5000 years ago. The water contains wide range of micro- and macroelements. Thanks to the usage of such water, biologically active substances easily penetrate tissues and give maximum effect.

One of the most important components of our company's success is price policy preference. Reasonable combination of high quality and rational price profitably distinguishes the products of the trade mark "Effect" among the diversity of perfumery and cosmetic goods of Ukrainian and foreign producers.

JSC "Effect" takes an active part in international and Ukrainian specialized exhibitions and trade fairs and carries out advertising campaigns.

JSC "Effect" is awarded numerous diplomas, letters of award for success in creation of new high-quality perfumery products, for the considerable contribution in the satiety of the market of Ukraine with domestic products, for contribution into the development of perfumery and cosmetics branch, for the manufacturing of a wide range of ecologically clean perfumery and cosmetic products.

On October, 28, 2002 JSC "Effect" was awarded the prize the International Star Award for Quality in the Gold category - "Golden Star for Quality". It was handed in Geneva on the 27th International conference "International Star Award Convention Geneva 2002".

The base of JSC "Effect" activity is well-defined guidance to quality and constant care of consumers and the intensive development of the company speaks for its stability, reliability and prospects.

Sales office: "Effect-farm", tel. +380 (57) 719-19-23, 719-19-34,
10, Gueorguievskaya str., Kharkov, 61010, Ukraine, distribution of perfumery and cosmetics in Ukraine, CIS countries and Baltic countries.

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