Kharkiv State Biological Factory

Director - Nataliya Totska

The Kharkov State-Run Biological Plant was founded in 1931 in order to provide the country with biological protectants for live-stock.
Since 1973 the plant has been producing medicinal-prophylactic and diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes.
The company is the leading Ukrainian producer of antimastitis medicines, it also has a number of developments on original exclusive preparations used for curing infectious wounds, burns and traumatic injuries of skin and mucous membranes; a number of medicines for prophylactics and treatment of live-stock gynaecological disorders and production of other treatment and prophylactic medicines.

Types of medicines:
- injection aqueous solution (in vials and ampouls);
- oil solutions in vials;
- soliquids in vials and syringe-tubes;
- emulsions, liniments, emulsion creams;
- tinctures;
- injection powders;
- solid tablet forms (stick form, foaming base).

Preparations according recipes:
Antimastitis preparations, preparations for prophylactics and anti-endometritis medicines, aqueous salt solutions effecting tissue metabolism, anaesthetics, preparations stimulating central nervous system, microbicides and anti-fungus preparations, resolvents, diagnostic facilities, preparations for live-stock telegenesis and sperm sanation, insecticides.