Ukrainian Fur, Kharkiv Production Enterprise

  • Address:
    93 L. Maloy ave, c. Kharkiv, 61020, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 758-86-93, 758-89-58
Director - Nemirovskiy Mikhail

The company "Ukrayinske Khutro" purchases fur raw: sheepskin, rabbitskin, nutria, red fox skin, martenskin, astrakhan skin.

We perform processing of all kinds of fur raw according to the newest dressing and dyeing technologies, up to the making of modern models of wide range:
- woman's coats, short coats, swingers made of rabbit and fox fur, combined of sheepskin with natural leather;
- man's, woman's and teenager's head-dresses made of rabbit and fox fur, combined of sheepskin with natural leather;
- children's fur coats made of sheepskin, rabbit fur, sleeping bags for new-born children;
- waistcoats, slippers, socks made of sheep wool;
- edging of rabbit fur;

The company "Ukrayinske Khutro" gives the following services:
1. Dressing and dyeing of the following kinds of fur raw:
- blue fox skin, silver-black fox skin, raccoon skin, red fox skin, nutria and rabbit skin;
- sheepskin both apperal (improved and unimproved) and footwear.
2. Tailoring and repairing of the fur goods and head-dresses.

The company manufacturing inspection is performed by the testing laboratory accredited by the state committee of Ukraine. This laboratory fulfils the chemical, physical and mechanical tests of the natural furs and also performs different consultations, connected with them.

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