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Novoselivka Ore-Mining and Processing Enterprise, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    2 Pishchana str., vil. Novoselivka, Nova Vodolaha distr., Kharkiv reg., 63209, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05740) 4-25-02, 4-25-11
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Chairman of the Board - Director - Mykola V. Osedtsya

The history of discovery and development of the Novoselivskiy deposit of glass sand in Kharkiv Region takes the origin from the year of 1922. But, the large-scale development of the deposit began only in May, 1938.
Since July, 1977 the Novoselivskiy quarry of quartz sand began to be named the Novoselivskiy Mining and Concentrating Integrated Works. In 1981 the integrated works capacity passed the one million tons border and there was extracted and delivered 1130 thousand tons of quartz sand, including 69 thousand tons of dressed quartz sand. The project of the integrated works reconstruction has been developed in 1986, as a result the development of quarry of the South Area has begun; the reconstruction of the concentrating factory has been carried out that gave possibility to increase its capacity from 100 up to 180 thousand tons of dressed sand per year; 2 km of railways, sewage works, electric power substation, mechanical workshop and 20-flat dwelling-house were put into service.
In 1989 the integrated works signed the agreement about leasing relations with the Ministry of Industry of Construction Materials of the UkrSSR. In 1994 the Joint-Stock Company Novoselivskiy Mining and Concentrating Integrated Works has been established. These were hard times, but it was necessary to live somehow. This enterprise, a sole in the district, was succeeded to pass all difficulties and not only to decrease production, and even to increase it, providing the workers of the integrated works with stable wages, as well as Nova Vodolaga with payments in the budget.
In 1995 the brickwork was put into service by the integrated works that gave possibility not only to provide the inhabitants of the district and region with high-quality construction materials but also to employ 70 persons. Constantly at expense of personal funds and credit facilities the equipment is being renewed at the integrated works and the technology of production is being improved. The reconstruction of the concentrating factory began in 2001 that will increase its capacity up to 400 thousand tons of dressed sand per year. Recently the production of dry enriched sand, shipped to the customers in soft containers, has been launched at the integrated works. This production is in great demand, because its high quality at transporting and storage is guaranteed.
Lately the culture of production and quality of products has been raised considerably and as a result the market of its sale has been extended. Except for the enterprises of Ukraine, the glass enterprises of Russia, Byelorussia, Baltic States, Romania and Poland are customers of the integrated works production. The receiving of the International Certificate of Conformance to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2000 by the integrated works in 2002 has assisted to this process greatly.
Mykola Osedtsya is General Director of the Joint-Stock Company Novoselivskiy Mining and Concentrating Integrated Works. He works at the integrated works since 1972. It is not easy to count those good businesses, which Mykola Volodymyrovych did for the sake of his countrymen. He always helps those, who needs it very much and responds to all requests: he gives construction materials for the sponsored Novoselivska School and allocates money to purchase of furniture and the like. The premises of the Novoselivska out-patient clinic were built at expense of the integrated works funds and maintained in the proper conditions; the help to other unprofitable organisations is given.
Taking care about its workers, the integrated works guidance has developed the row of social measures: the subsidiary plot has been created; the workers of the integrated works are provided with feed grants; the construction materials are sold by favourable price to the private builders and the coal is given free of charge. Annually more than 150 workers and members of their families have rest on the coast of the Sea of Azov. To the festive and anniversary dates the workers get bonuses by valuable gifts. The guidance does not forget about pensioners annually the material help is given to them as well as free of charge coal and in honour of festive dates they get valuable gifts.
In 2000 by results of the International Open Rating of Popularity and Quality of Goods and Services Golden Fortune the Novoselivskiy Mining and Concentrating Integrated Works was awarded with Order For Labour Achievements of the IV degree as well as Mr. M. V. Osedtsya with Laureate Diploma in the nomination Leader on the International Market of supplies of raw material for glass, ceramic and porcelain industry. For the personal merits in development of the enterprise the director has also received the Silver George Medal Honour. Glory. Labour and Order For Labour Achievements of the III degree.
The Joint-Stock Company Novoselivskiy Mining and Concentrating Integrated Works has a positive image on the world market. The integrated works operates in the stable regime, achieving high results for the sake of welfare of its countrymen. Having powerful potential, the enterprise invites to cooperation all, who is interested in stability and high quality of production.

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