Losk, Production and Commercial Firm

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    1, Kononenko sqr., c. Pisochyn, Kharkiv distr., Kharkiv reg., 62416, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 728-28-42, 728-28-43, 742-36-97, 742-37-00
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Nowadays real world of glass is interest both for professionals and large amount of ordinary people. So it was not casual that fifteen years ago production and commercial firm "LOSK" accentuated in its activity at industrial glass processing.

The firm was founded in 1988 and by 1989 there was established the production of car glass type "stalinite". And since 1990 the firm began to produce a new kind of production on the industrial basis - safe three-layered car glass type "triplex" for all kinds of motor transport. Belgian institute of glass conducts certification of these productions. And the firm got the right to mark the car glasses with E6 mark, which confirms European quality of the production.

In 1995 the firm "LOSK" purchased the mirror conveyer (made in Italy) and began to produce sheet mirror with silver covering and double chemical protective amalgam. At present it is the only line of similar type in Ukraine. It allows to produce the mirror of the highest quality (the certification is conducted by Dutch auditing firm TNO), that gives the firm "LOSK" priority possibilities in manufacture and sale of these products.

Rendering of large spectrum of services for glass processing requires modern technologies. Taking it into account, the firm "LOSK" purchased the equipment of the leading producers (such as "Bovone", "Bavelloni", "Janua", "Lisec" and others).

Vacuum facility, assembled at the firm "LOSK", and developed technologies allow to apply evaporation over the glass. The colour spectrum is represented by all colours of the rainbow. Various colour spectrum of the derivable coverings allows to hope that the new glass will change the cities exterior.

The modern market is foresight of the future and constant progression. Application of the glass packs in house building allows to reduce energy consumption for heating and conditioning and, as a result, to reduce the load on the environment ecology. Foreseeing and realizing it, in 1998 the firm purchased Italian automated line for production of glass packs with double component capsulation (including gas filling).

- car glass type (triplex) for all kinds of motor transport;
- sheet mirror (on silver basis);
- decorative mirrors, according to the customer's drafts;
- mirror tile;
- armoured glass;
- triplex glass;
- furniture shaped glass;
- glass wash-basin;
- glass shelf;
- glass staircases;
- glass packs with double component capsulation (including gas filling).

Glass processing services;
- glass edge grinding;
- glass edge polishing;
- depositing of facet from 5 to 40 mm;
- toning of glass (large colour spectrum);
- sand-blasting of glass;
- drilling holes from 5 to 100 mm in diameter;
- glass and mirror engraving.

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