Kharkov Aggregate Design Bureau State enterprise

  • Address:
    132 Sumskaya St., c. Kharkiv, 61023, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 707-02-71, 707-02-73
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Chief Designer - V. Matusevich

Kharkov Aggregate Design Office is the leading Urainian organisation on development and production of aggregates for hydraulic systems for aircraft, space engineering, military transporters and shipbuilding.

Today we can meet your requirements in:
- regulated and non-regulated axial-plunger pumps with feeding 2-200 l/min with of up to 35 MPa;
- hydraulic engines with shaft moment 2-150 N*m;
- high-speed axialplunger mumps (up to 30 000 turns per minute);
- electric-driven pumping stations for pressure of up to 28.0 MPa and feeding 2-80 l/min;
- autonomous electric-hydraulic drives with exertion of up to 100 kNm for aircraft;
- steering ship complex for moment 15 - 100 kNm;
- electromechanical drives with exertion of up to 10 kNm for aircraft;
- hydraulic transformers;
- hand-operated pumps;
- hydraulic distributing gears;
- hydrovolumetric transmission gears;
- fuel-regulating gears.

- hydraulic pumps;
- hydromotors;
- electric-driven pump stations;
- autonomous control actuator;
- steering devices;
- hydrovolumetric transmissions;
- electro-motors.

The gears we have designed are operated at the following aircraft: An-124 "Ruslan", An-225 "Mria", Il-96, Tu-204, MiG-29, An-38, An-28, An-72, An-74, An-70, An-140, Tu-334 and others.

The gears designed in our office meet international requirements and are competitive at the world markets by their production-technical and economical specifications.

- pump stations: NS68-1, NS75-1, NS140, NS140-2, NS140-3, NS140-6;
- hydraulic motors: GM-56, GMT;
- hydraulic pumps: NP134 , NP138, NP130-2, GNT;
- hydrovolumetric transmission: GOP, GOP MP.

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