Smila Machinery Works, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    67 Lenina str., c. Smila, Cherkasy reg., 20700, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04733) 4-13-16, 4-24-67, 4-33-26, 4-44-61
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Chairman of the Board and General Director: Anatoliy L. Shpak

Smila Machinery Works is a major Ukrainian manufacturer with 160-year experience in production of food processing equipment industry. The plant is located in the town of Smila on the crossing of motor roads and railways, at a distance of 250 km from Kyiv and 25 km from Cherkasy. The plant performs all processes of the machine building cycle: iron foundry, welding fabrication & blanking, forging, machining, enamel shops.
Recently we have considerably increased the range of equipment for bakery, oil & fat, canning, and wine-making branches of the food industry.

Today we produce the equipment for:

Bread-Making branch:
- centrifugal flour screeners; output-500 kg/h;
- dough mixing machines for operation with the immovable rolled up dough troughs of 28, 80, 140 330 liters and with output from 80 to 1350 kg /h in kneaded dough;
- rolled-up dough troughs of 28, 80, 140, and 330 liters made from stainless & carbon steel;
- dough mixing machines (chamber of 50 liters, output 60kg/h)
- dough trough tilter for buckets with 1401 & 3301 capacity, rated load capacity-250 & 500 kg, lift height-1000 mm;
- dough dividers for dividing dough in 0,6-1,1 kg portions; output-840 kg/h;
- electric cabinets for baking bread, mini-bakeries with the capacity 200, 500, 1000 kg/shift;

Oil & fat branch:
- sets of equipment for producing vegetable oil, output-12 tons of seeds per day. It includes a seed sheller, a seed roller, a set of roasters for heat & moisture processing & a screw press
- sets for refining of sunflower oil; output – 15 or 30 tons per 24 hours
- complete of sets for deodoration; output – up to 25 tons per day.

Preservation branch:
- vertical & horizontal autoclaves for sterilization of all types of preserves in the tan and glass pack;
- vacuum steaming machines for making tomato pasta and squashes, output-70 tons tomato pasta per day.

Wine & alcohol branch:
- acid-proof enameled horizontal reservoirs of 6.3, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5, and 23 m3 and vertical enameled reservoirs of 8.0, 1.0, and 1.25 m3;
- measuring tanks of 75, 250, and 1000 decalitres for measuring volume of alcohol & alcohol solutions;
- plants for non-stop soft-boiling of starch containing raw material, output in alcohol - 2000, 3000 decalitres per 24 hours;

Sugar branch:
- centrifugal beet cutting machines: output in shavings-1,5; 2,0; 3,0 thousand tons per 24 hours;
- sectional heaters for heating diffusion & defecated juices, juices of the first and the second saturation, as well as juice before sending it to an evaporation devices at sugar-refineries;
- elevators for beet roots; output - 2 and 3 thousand tons per 24 hours, lift height is 19.5 meters;
- liquid-jet sulphitators;
- vacuum-evaporation machines;
- barometer condensers;
- beet pulp presses; output - 1200 tons per 24 hours

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