Novomoskovsk Pipe Production Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    115 Suchkova str., c. Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk reg., 51200, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05693) 4-23-01, 4-23-23, 4-23-92
Chairman of the Board - Yu. Antypov

OJSC “Novomoskovsk Pipe Production Plant” founded in 1935, is one of the biggest producers and suppliers of the steel welded tubes and pipes of different diameters and for different purposes in south-eastern Europe. The plant is located 20 kilometers from the big industrial and scientific center of Ukraine – Dnipropetrovsk.

The industrial potential of the plant includes:
1. 3 rolling mills equipped as follows:
- “mill 1020”, specialized in production of the 1020 mm (1016 mm) pipe by the SAW method. The pipes are used for the oil and gas pipelines construction, steam transportation pipelines, water pipelines and various constructional purposes.
- “mill 159-529” specialized in production of pipes 152-530 mm, by the ERW method. The pipes are used for construction of oil and gas pipelines, transportation of oil products, water and steam transportation.
2. 6 mills “20-76” producing stainless steel pipes 20-89 mm by plasma welding method. Stainless pipes are used for food, chemical and automotive industry.
3. 3 mills “20-76”, producing carbon steel pipes 20-114 mm, used for the water and gas transportation and for the various constructional purposes. There is a cold drawing mill allowing producing carbon and stainless steel cold formed electric welded pipes.
4. mill, specialized in the production of welding flux and enamel fritts.
5. 3 mills producing consumer goods:
- enameled dishware
- galvanized dishware
- red bricks

“Novomoskovsk Pipe Production Plant”, OJSC is the biggest producer of household and kitchen steel enameled dishware designed for cooking food, storing and transporting of foodstuffs, catering and for other household and sanitary needs.
A wide range of products both in sets and as pieces is aimed at the different walks of life with different purchasing capacity.
There are 5 different categories of dishware, depending on decols and enamels used in the production process:
1 category – enameled dishware without decols
2 category - enameled dishware decorated with different decols
3 category - white enameled dishware decorated with different decols and colored toning
4 category – enameled dishware decorated with colored decols (using red, brown, black, silica enamel)
5 category – enameled dishware of high artistic performance. Colours of enameling – blue and deep blue, and various colored toning.
4, 5 category – dishware covered with two layers of enamel.

Flexible system of development and installation of equipment allows to change and extend rapidly the range of products and decols according to the main customers’ demands.

The quality of our products has been proved by the certificates and recognized by the experts of CIS countries, Baltic countries and Eastern Europe. Just in the recent past, various types of enameled dishware produced by the Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant were exported to Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, Belarus, Baltic States and Africa.
We hope that after the review of these materials, you will be able to select the necessary kitchenware.

Scientific-industrial potential of the plant includes:
- the central Plant laboratory, including 8 specialized research and testing labs
- technical quality control department providing visual, instrumental and ND testing.

Modern technologies and equipment, quality control system and production testing system ensure the supply of pipes of carbon, alloy and stainless steel grades in accordance with CIS and international API 5L, DIN, ASTM standards.

All the products of the Plant are certified in accordance with the system of obligatory certification of State Standard Committees of Ukraine and Russia.

With regards to the system of non-obligatory certification, the Plant has obtained the American Petroleum Institute certificate and the right to use API Monogram for the pipes of 1016 mm and 168-323,9 mm.

The high quality and reliability of pipes make it possible to successfully compete with world manufacturers of such products and continuously expand the geography of supplies. Among our customers there are leading enterprises of oil and gas industry of Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Our pipes were used at the construction of the “Druzhba” pipeline, oil pipelines in Siberia, Turkmenistan. Our foreign partners are USA, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Baltic States companies.
Keeping in mind the possibility of increasing the output of our products, we are interested in expanding our mutually beneficial business cooperation.

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