Bratislava, Hotel Complex

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    Vsebratske-2, c. Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk reg., 50000, Ukraine
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    +38(0564) 27-61-85, 27-74-78, 27-74-84
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Director - Yevheniya I. Marchenko

Both the "Bratislava" hotel complex together with the whole microdistrict were built with the money given by Germany in connection with the Soviet army withdrawal from its territory. Since the beginning of its exploitation on November, 1st 1992, it has been the structural subunit of Kryvyi Rih apartment - maintenance service, later by the order of the Defense Minister of Ukraine the hotel complex was founded and registered by Kryvy Rih City Council as a state-owned enterprise with the rights of the legal entity, an independent balance, its own seal and bank account. The enterprise was founded on the property of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and is subordinate to it. The property of the enterprise consists of fixed and circulating assets, their main source is revenues from selling and rendering of services and the cafe turnover. The hotel complex is meant for temporary living of servicemen and their family members, Ukrainian citizens and foreign guests, for rendering them different services: catering in the cafe, hairdresser's and barber's, long-distance telephone communications, parking and other paid services. In summer the hotel complex is a place for cultural leisure of citizens - there is a summer ground with an awning, a wide choice of desserts and soft drinks.

Geographically, the microdistrict is detached, 20-25 km away from the center. A high-level service, constant striving for its improvement (apartment reattestation into grade A, cafe reconstruction, hall and apartment repair, technical equipment - mini telephone stations, Fax, Fax-modem, Xerox, computers) make the hotel business paying and profitable. 6-year work experience of the hotel complex has proved that in the market and competition conditions only the high level of service, tasty and home-like food and a number of different facilities can arouse customers' interest and characterize the rating and prestige of the hotel complex. Therefore, further activities of the administration are aimed at the constant improvement of the service and broad advertising.

The hotel complex advances its services into the markets of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries by:
- providing a standard format in the computer information network "INTERNET";
- inserting the hotel complex into specialized catalogues, e.g. " The Tourist Potential of Ukraine ", " Ukraine. A look into 21st century ", " Best Eastern hotels ", etc., with their following distribution in Ukrainian, Russian and foreign agencies "Touraero", "Aerophlot", etc. and at the international exhibitions;
- mass media advertising;
- inserting the information about the hotel complex and its services into global computer reservation nets (GDS) and constant information and technological assistance in GDS in order to create necessary conditions for booking apartments in the hotel;
- concluding agreements with enterprises, companies for long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation;
- providing special discounts for services sale;
- DeKICC system - an on-line magazine in the railway booking offices.

In near future we plan to have:
- access to the "INTERNET-server" for booking apartments .
- representation in catalogues, which includes description of all the regions of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries with photos, present various references for those using hotel services, and are a strong factor of attracting customers.
- mass media advertising - helps get full information about hotels in the towns with railway and air communication, enables to book apartments in hotels.
- representation of the hotel in global computer reservation nets (GDS) - a possibility of enlarging hotel services as to booking apartments in more than 400 thousand tourist agencies and users of these nets.
- making long-term agreements - guarantees an increase in the volume of selling hotel services, creation and development of a system coordinated according to market and consumers parameters of rendering hotel services, a growth in the hotel stability in the market conditions.
- providing discounts for servicemen and other customers on the mutually-beneficial conditions .
- DeKICC system - the on-line magazine enables passengers to choose a hotel in the town they are going to and have information about the situation of the hotel, apartment price, availability of vacant rooms, and living conditions while they are at the station.

The implementation of this has a great economic and political importance.
Firstly, it will help attract a great number of customers, accordingly income, profitability and revenues.
Secondly, it will strengthen the image of the hotel as the only real hotel with a high European level of service in Kryvyi Rih, i.e. it will strengthen the image of the Defense Ministry as the owner.

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