Kremenchuk Steel Works, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    141, Ivana Prykhodka str., c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39607, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05366) 6-00-18, 6-11-02, (05669) 6-02-16
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Chairman of the Board - V. Samusenko

The Open Joint-Stock Company "Kremenchuk Steel Works" (OJSC "KSW") is an up-to-date enterprise producing steel castings for wagons and heavy-duty trucks, as well as ingots and all sorts of steel casting of different configuration to customers' drawings.

Castings manufactured by OJSC "KSW" are large-size stocks (up to 2600x650x650 mm) with prevailing thin walls (from 12 to 15 mm) the production of which is effected on the automatic molding lines of German firm "Kunkel - Wagner".

Quick-change floating pattern-making equipment of these lines allows the production of castings of four patterns at a time and automatic change of patterns.

With castings weighted out from 50 to 450 kg and arranged from 2 to 4 p. in molding flasks, the maximum metal content molds makes 1300 kg. The molding flask size is 2900x1700x500/400 mm.

Owing to application of one of the most progressive methods of compacting green-sand and loam molds on molding lines (differential molding at 850,000 kgf) castings feature minimum tolerances for basic dimensions and high-quality cast surfaces meeting the most stringent requirements.

High mechanical properties of casting steel ensure the serviceability of castings under alternating loads in any climatic zones. The low-alloyed steel castings technology developed by "KWS"’s specialists contributes significantly to manufacture of high-quality products.

An available multipurpose preproduction system makes it possible to master manufacture of new types of products within the shortest period of time and execute various orders for castings.

Particular attention is given to product quality control which is carried out in compliance with approved and active "Quality Instruction" to meet all requirements of customer's specifications, as well as those prescribed by existing standards of Ukraine, branch and international standards.

The quality control of finished castings includes visual inspection, checks for weight and dimensions, special tests, check for mechanical properties and chemical analysis.

The chemical composition of steel is determined by automatic methods of rapid analysis and marking analysis with the use of photoelectric spectral systems of type DFS-41, DFS-51, MFS-8, MFS-8M.

Mechanical properties are checked for tension, compression, bending, yield, impact strength and hardness on the samples. Testing of castings for static and dynamic loads are carried out on special test rigs that simulate product service conditions. Inspection and tests of materials to be used in the technological process of product production and finished products are effected by "KSW"’s Central Laboratory attested in the State System of Standardization of Ukraine.

The procedure, methods and means of control are regulated by the quality system meeting the requirements of international standard ISO-9000 and standards of American Railroad Association.

At present OJSC "KSW" has sertificates : of quality system scearling "TUV Berlin - Brandenburg", National Ukrainian Production Certification System "UkrSEPRO" and also sertificates for production in the Certification Register in the Federal Railway transportation of Russia.

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