AutoKrAZ, Holding Company

  • Address:
    62 Kyyivska str, c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39631, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0536) 76-62-00, 76-62-03, 76-62-08
  • Web-site:   
General Director - Roman Chernyak

- Production of heavy- duty trucks: dump trucks, chassis, fifth-wheel tractors, timber trucks, log- carrying trucks, trucks of flat type, trailers and special equipment.
- Transportation services in Ukraine, CIS and in foreign countries.
- Building operations.
- Production of machines and tools.

Sale of KrAZ trucks to foreign countries is made by JSC “Foreign Trade Firm”.
Director of “FTF KrAZ” Grebenyuk Valeriy Borisovich.
Tel. (0536) 79-82-22, 79-82-21

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