AutoKrAZ Private Company

  • Address:
    62 Kyyivska str, c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39631, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0536) 76-62-00, 76-62-03, 76-62-08
  • Web-site:   
Chief Executive Officer - Roman Chernyak

Private Company “AutoKrAZ” is today:

— a leader of Ukrainian automotive industry ranked in top ten of heavy-duty truck makers;
— the only complete cycle manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in Ukraine;
— a flagship company of “KrAZ” group.

“AutoKrAZ” manufactures a wide range of trucks and spare parts to them, trailers and semi-trailers. Moreover, the automobile plant makes grinding balls for mining companies, car casting and various tools.

“KrAZ” lineup includes 33 base models, about 350 versions and over 1500 configurations of two-, three- and four-axle conventional and cabover trucks. These are dump trucks, truck tractors, platform trucks, timber and short log trucks, chassis cabs trucks used for conversion into special vehicles, trailer and semi-trailers.

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