Dnister-M, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    3, Dovga str., c. Lviv, 79035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0322) 40-43-00, 40-43-10, 70-27-38, 70-50-41, 70-50-44, 70-74-33
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Director - Valentyn M. Chernyavsky

Our enterprise has established a firm position in the Western Ukrainian market. Since 1994 we have been working in the field of reprocessing scrap-iron, scrap of non-ferrous metals, producing of aluminum alloys, steel (including heat resistant steel) and iron (including high strength iron) castings, as well as non-ferrous metals. We own casting, machine-repair and mechanical plants and a manufacturing plant of non-standard equipment.

Products manufactured by the above plants are well known not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. We are interested in establishing business with new partners and increasing our product line by way of new orders placed with our plants. Our capacity and equipment allow us to guaranty quality and timely delivery of the orders.

Currently we manufacture:
- metal-ware (screws, studs, nuts, screw-bolts, twists);
- automotive parts;
- garage equipment and tools (lifts, truck and car washers, head-rigs, etc.);
- non-standard equipment;
- we service trucks (repairs, as well as retrofitting);
- cast molding up to 8 tons;
- casting alloys of aluminum (silumin) and copper (bronze, brass).
- processing of lumber and furniture manufacture to order.

We are interested in long-term contracts for supplying of our products and creating joint ventures based on introducing new technologies to our manufacturing facilities.

Moulds and milling of non-ferrous metals (more than 600 items).

Founding alloys
- brass (CuZn25Pb,CuZn15),
- bronze (CuSnZnPb, CuAlFe),
- aluminum alloys (AlSi5Cu2, AlSi7, AlSi8Cu3, AlSi9, AB86-91).

Founding of any complexity (1-10000 kg)
- of non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
- figure-casting;
- of alloy steel and flame proof steel;
- of gray iron and high strong iron.

Bells (10-8000 kg)
Car hoisters
Garage hoister (for lifting a car with a trailer and for a two-compartment bus)
Bus wash M-201

Spare parts for cars, lorries, buses and agricultural machines:
- pistons;
- bushes of sway-beams (for lorries KamAZ);
- deceleration cylinder (for cars and lorries KamAZ, Volga, RAF, UAZ, LyAZ, Moskvich, Hazel, buses LAZ, PAZ, LiAZ, Ikarus);
- crankshaft;
- equipment for the disassembly and transportation of wheels for lorries.

Band saw SPS750

Normalized products:
- screws (M1,6-M8);
- nuts (M1,6-M24);
- screws (M1,0-M21);
- studs (M3-M36);
- rivets (3,0-6,0 mm).

Consumer goods.

- repairing of agricultural machines;
- retrofitting of cars and buses for gas consuming;
- producing of non-standard equipment, steel constructions and tooling.

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