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Dobrotvir TPS-2, JSC

  • Address:
    vil. Dobrotvir, Kamyanka-Buzka distr., Lviv reg., 80411, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03254) 3-17-32
Chairman of the Board: Mr. P.Y. Omelyanovsky

The Dobrotvir TPS-2 is one of the main producers of electric and heat power in the Western region of Ukraine, part of the generated power is exported to Poland.

Creation, location

JSC Dobrotvir TPS-2 was established on June5,1998 in accordance with the joint order the Ministry of Power industry of Ukraine and State Property Fund of Ukraine as of April 4 ,1997 No 402/35 About the creation of the open joint stock company Dobrotvir TPS-2 on the basis of the uncompleted construction of Dobrotvir TPS and was registered on June 30,1998,in state bodies. Full name of the enterprise:
Dobrotvir TPS-2 Joint Stock Company, Ukraine. The legal address of the enterprise:80411, Lviv region, Kamyanka-Bugskiy district, Dobrotvir tel/fax: (380) 32231732

The purpose of enterprise activity

The enterprise has been founded in the form of joint stock company , created for construction completion of Dobrotvir TPS-2, and for making a profit from its exploitation. The purpose of the enterprise activity is the construction completion of the TPS,cost increase of stock capital of JSC Dobrotvir TPS-2 and maintenance of maximum profitability per share as a result of its effective exploitation.

Founders and capital structure

Three juridical persons became (projected) the founders of the enterprise? JSC Zakhidenergo(Lviv), JSC Lvivteploelectroproject(Lviv), JSB Energobank (Kyiv) . The Statutory Fund of JSC Dobrotvir TPS-2 is 198,5 mln.of UAH., including 99,12 % as a share of Zakhidenergo Joint Stock Company and 0,88% as a share of other shareholders.
Face value per share: 1985231
In order to attract funds for construction completion the additional issue of shares is planned to be held.

General information about Dobrotvir TPS

Dobrotvir TPS with an installed capacity 700 MW (at the present moment the installed is 600MW ) is affiliated to Zakhidenergo Joint Stock Company of the Ministry of Full and Power Industry of Ukraine. It has been built in 1952-1965. On the map of Europe Dobrotvir TPS occupies advantageous geographical position. The advanced network of highways, railways, pipelines, Transmission lines connect it with different European countries.

The main fuel for the power-generating plant is coal of the Lviv-Volyn deposit and the coal imported from Poland. Besides the plant also consumes natural gas and mazute (which is used for kindling and lighting).