Chasiv Yar Plant of Refractories, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    1 Komsomolska str., c. Chasiv Yar, Artemivsk distr., Donetsk reg., 84551, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 729-73-36, 729-73-37, (06274) 7-21-05
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General Director: V. Brechko

Chasiv Yar Refractory Plant during more than one century's history became the leading among Ukrainian enterprises with great national experience in production of fire-proof goods for different spheres of economy. The program of production consists of extraction of fire clays and moulding sands, production of fireproof goods and milled powders of fireproof materials.

At present the enterprise produces:
- fire-proof goods for common use of different shape and size for heating devices, with the big heat-exchanging surface area for brick-work of air-heaters of blast-furnaces, including grinding, for fettling of steel-casting ladles, for siphon steel bottling from ladle, super fire-proof goods for locks in steel-casting
- goods for aggregates based on coke production;
- protection covers for thermo-pairs;
- fire-proof light thermo-insulation goods;
- aluminate-calcium cement for production of fire-proof concrete and masses;
- chamotte and chamotte-bauxite mortar;
- quartz-clay mass for fettling of steel-casting ladles;
- main clays, semi-acid clays of the first brand, natural clays for construction, for making jigging liquids for well-drilling;
- moulding sands for making forms and cores in casting production.

The super plastic clays extracted in Chasiv Yar are of demand in domestic and international market. The great storage of clays provides the possibility of their extraction for a long perspective.

The great experience in using products of the enterprise proves its reliability and export competitiveness.
The staff of the open joint stock company Chasiv Yar Plant of Refractory Items with the General Director Valentin B. Lukyanov in head constantly develops direct connections with consumers, and is interested in long-term collaboration with new partners.

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