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Prodmash, Donetsk Plant, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    25 Elektorovozna str., c. Donetsk, 83038, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 203-33-73, 206-82-83, 343-86-68
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General Director: Sergey G. Pepel
Head of the Marketing Department: Juliya N. Maruch

The firm is among the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of process equipment for processing branches of the food industry.
The firm was established in 1955 , has the stock property and is an open joint stock company. There is no the State-owned capital share in the Ownership capital of the enterprise . The area occupied by the company, equals to 9 hectares and was turned over to the Joint Stock Company Prodmash for permanent use in compliance with the current Ukrainian legislation.

Traditionally , the JSC "Prodmash" produces the drying equipment, machines for milk and meat processing, process equipment for granulation of formula feed, household goods.
The company produces dryers for milk sugar with capacity of 200-250 kg/h, dryers for lemon and apple acids with capacity of 350 kg/h, dryers for distillers' yeast with capacity of 60 kg/shift.

The products labeled "Donetsk PRODMASH PLANT" are well known in Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Thailand, Syria, Greece, Mongolia, Rumania, Hungary, Turkey, Cuba, Cyprus, the CIS and Baltic Sea countries and other countries.

The " Donetsk PRODMASH PLANT", JSC has been awarded with prize "The Arch of Europe", "Gold Star for Quality", diplomas and prizes instituted by the International Association Institute "INAME" and International Association "Club of Leaders in Trade", Mexican Institute of Marketing.
The companies of all CIS countries and Baltic states operate more than 1000 dryers, produced by "Donetsk Plant "Prodmash".

Our plants for drying liquid food with a capacity of 3,5/110 kg/h of dry product are in constant demand . The drying process run in a vibrating fluidized bed of inert material grains. The facilities feature highly efficient heat exchange processes, operation reliability, small dimensions, simple servicing, high quality of the final product. These facilities are designed for drying: egg mass (melange), yolk and white separately, bone broth and beef - tea, animals blood , brewers yeast, seaweeds, medicines , biocopolymers (processing of wool, down and feather wastes ), polymers (hywpan used for thickening drilling muds in oil production ), some dyes .

The company is situated in regional center of Ukraine Donetsk, 20 kilometers from the center of the city and 26 km from the railway station. There is an access railway in the territory of the plant to accept the cars, the nearest railway station Mandrykino is 1.5 km from the plant. The central railway junction, Yasinovataya station, is 40 km and the airport is 30 km from the plant.

The distance from the capital of the country Kiev is 729 km, it is 250 km from the nearest river port Dniepropetrivsk and 120 km from the sea port Mariupol.

We dispose of an unused area, underloaded lathes, high-skilled workers. 40-years experience in mechanical engineering is also important.
The personnel is 200 people.

The company has:
- universal equipment for the parts machining with 7-8 degree of accuracy and roughness of Ra=0.64-0.8;
- lathes to machine such parts as a "shaft" with the length of up to 1500 mm and diameter of up to 400 mm, and such parts as a "flange" with diameter of up to 800 mm;
- milling machines to machine plane surfaces in the parts with dimensions of 1200x400x400 and cutting slots of different configuration;
- horizontal boring machines to machine base members with interaxis moving up to 800 mm and bored hole diameter of up to 300 mm;
- tooling section where dies and moulds are manufactured for 160 tons presses;
- blanking production, where bars with diameter of up to 250 mm and 25 mm thick sheets are cut by guillotine shears or 50 mm thick plates are cut by plasma;
- welding and assembly shop, where metalworks with weight of up to 5000 kg and dimensions: 6000 mm (length) x 2500 mm (width) x 3500 mm (height) are welded and assembled.

The company machines and welds ferrous metals, stainless steels and aluminum alloys.

At the moment we are interested in cooperation with foreign partners in following activity:
1. Supplies of JSC Donetsk Works Prodmash production to the interested companies in western market;
2. Participation in joint production of machinery manufacture. The plant is ready to produce componentry, metal constructions, separate units, devices and equipment according to cooperation partners requirements.
3. Creation of joint production of competitive equipment for food industry, stainless steel metal constructions and other kinds of manufacture with subsequent sales with the participation of the foreign partner.
Our company welcomes business partners and is ready to consider any business proposals

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