LugTsentroKuz, Private Join Stock Company

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    107, Frunze str., Building 14, c. Lugansk, 91005, Ukraine
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    +38(0642) 50-13-82, 58-42-18, 58-42-47
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President: Mr. A. Sydorchuk

Addressing you on behalf of the workers and the management of the private joint stock company LUGTSENTROKUZ, I hope that you will take an interest in our products, and that we will join in a lasting and mutually advantageous partnership.

We would be glad to offer a broad range of forged and stamped products for both railroad and motor transport, hoisting machines, and for mechanical engineering in general.

We have worked with foreign partners for a number of years, and this experience has formed the main principle of business relationships: high level of stability and absolute reliability In honoring one's commitments, even In changing economic and political conditions.

Relying on generally accepted quality standards, we try to practice flexible approaches to consumer needs. The company's structure and output specifics, along with a highly qualified work force, make it possible to master new products.

LUGTSENTROKUZ has considerable resources that can be effectively used in any sphere of cooperation.

We hope to implement these capacities in our joint projects.

With warmest regards,
Stanisiav Monyatovsky, President, Candidate of Science (Technology)


LUGTSENTROKUZ manufactures blanks and finished articles for railroad transport and rolling stock, namely:

Finished products:
- 2,000 kgf absorbing machine;
- Springs;

- Coupler key;
- Thrust [pressure] plate;
- Pendulum suspension;
- Nut;
- Labyrinth packing ring;
- Detachable packing labyrinth;
- Heel.

We are equipped to manufacture above products varying in standard size, according to customer drawings and specifications.


The company manufactures a variety of 10—40 mm rod open cylindrical helical springs of round section steel meant for longitudinal and compound loads, used In wheel carts, power engine suspensions, revolving and absorb-ing devices, draw-and-butter gears for wide and narrow gauge railroads. Closed and open 10—16 mm rod springs are made by cold coiling, and 16—40 mm rod, by hot coiling.

Pst force: 200—10,000kgf. If so requested by customer, these springs can be ISO 9000 certified.


At present, the company puts out flanges as per DIN 2632; 2633 (DN: 200—500), and DIN 2566 (DN: 65: 80; 100) standards. ANSI B16,5 (16").

LUGTSENTROKUZ has for a number of years fruitfully cooperated with counterparts in quite a few Western countries, which experi-ence has produced a markedly positive effect on domestic manufacture. If need these prod-ucts varying in standard sizes, welcome to make commissions now.


Die forgings for motor vehicles include:

- Front axle beam;
- Stabilizer shaft;
- Tow hook;
- Steering knuckle;
- Balanced suspension axle;
- Gearwheel;
- Spring clip;
- Fork.

If you need similar/analogous products of any standard sizes, all you have to do is supply us with drawings and specifica-tions. We will solve all your problems.


At present, LUGTSENTROKUZ specializes In wheels for hoisting cranes having 100 mm treads and outer diameters ranging from 320 to 710 mm, as well as single hooks with lifting capacities of 1; 3.2; 5; 10, and 32 tons, However, we are equipped to master other standard sizes of these products.


- Crankshafts;
- Connecting rods.

Our Company pays a lot of attention to the Quality management. From the 1996 the post of Quality Manager was included into the Company organizational structure and the Service of Quality Assurance Management was founded.

- in August 1997 The Quality Assurance System has been certified by TUV Berlin-Brandenburg e V. (Germany) according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
- in December 1999 the Group Test Laboratory Center has been founded and accredited in the National system of Certification UkrSEPRO to have the right to conduct the tests for chemical and mechanical characteristics of metal.
- in June 2000 the Quality Assurance System has been certified by Association of American Railroads (AAR) according to the requirements of AAR M-1003 Standard, at the same time the AAR approval to produce freight and locomotive axles in accordance with AAR M-101 Standard requirements was received.

In perspective the leaders of the company see that The Quality System built on ideology of ISO 9001 Standard (version of 1994) should be integrated into the ideology of Total Quality Management (TQM). That is why our company now carries out the preparation for putting into practice the requirements of ISO Standards of series 9000, version of 2000.

The main future objectives of the Group on the way to TQM are the Quality Management System Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2000 requirements and the Participation in the contest for the European Quality Award according to the European Excellence Model holding by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

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