Drogobych Truck Crane Plant, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    22, Haidamats’ka str., c. Drohobych, Lviv reg., 82100, Ukraine
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    +38(03244) 3-56-05, 3-71-83, 9-65-12
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Drogobych Truck Crane Plant started its history in 1959 when construction of a washing machine plant was started under the project of Kyiv Ukrstateindustry in north-east part of Drogobych. This not finished object was given to Lviv soviet of national economy in 1962. Its manufacturing areas together with auxiliary buildings were about 10000 sq. m. and plant readiness was about 70%.

The department № 36 of Lviv autoloaders plant (producing spare parts for truck cranes) was created on these areas in 1963.

The department № 36 of Lviv autoloaders plant has been separated in independent enterprise – Drogobych truck crane plant of the Ministry of building, road and municipal mechanical engineering of USSR in November 10, 1965. This date is believed as its birthday.
Since the enterprise has been founded, i.e. since 1965, 15 different models of truck cranes were produced starting with mechanical truck cranes with load-lifting capacity of 3,4 and 6,3 t. after the conversion (1973) the plant started to produce hydraulic truck cranes with load-lifting capacity of 10, 14 and 20 t.

Production of hydraulic truck cranes КS-4574A with load-lifting capacity of 22,5 t was started in 1994. The plant was reformed into the open join-stock company “Drogobych Truck Crane Plant” in October 1994, according to the order of Lviv branch of State property fund.

As a result of specialists hard work and clear and targeted management of the company activity, the plant mastered production of hydraulic crane КGS-28.01 with load-lifting capacity 28 t on the chassis T-62 in 2000. The hydraulic crane КGS-28.01 is used in: construction and mounting works, loading and unloading trucks in the regions hard of access (forests, mountains, impassibility etc.); works associated with liquidation of results of an accident etc. Production of trucks for transportation of pipes ТVG-10 with load-lifting capacity of 10 t on chassis KrAZ, ZIL, Ural was set up in 2001. It can load the long loads (tubes and other long constructions). The plant gives great attention to production of different models of mowing machines, ploughs etc. It is not a complete list of innovations by the latest time.

The plant territory makes up 32 ha. There are 11 workshops in the structure of the enterprise with the total production area of 54,000 sq. m. Annual capacity of the enterprise equals to 1,200 of hydraulic truck-mounted cranes and 60,000 of hydraulic cylinders (up to 200 mm piston diameter and the stroke up to 7,000 mm). The process equipment provides the production quality, which meets the international standards.

The enterprise is situated in Drogobych, Lviv region, which is located on Near Carpathian lowland and has convenient location because of roadway and railway communications, international airport is in Lviv (100 km from Drogobych). The borders with Poland, Hungary and Romania are not far from Drogobych. These facts promote profitable cooperation and exchange of information.

Technical capacities

High level of technology and production permit to produce lifting mechanisms, which are safe in operation and are in great demand in Ukraine and abroad.

The plant has developed stocking and pressing production, welding works are performed with high quality, advanced technologies of mechanical processing, as well as cold punching, plasma cutting of sheet rolled metal and profiled iron, galvanic and thermal treatment, assembling and dyeing processes have been mastered.

Multi-ton presses are set up at the plant, machines for mechanical processing and punching, electric-erosive equipment to manufacture dies and press moulds in tool production. After introduction of the modern galvanising production line, an advanced technology providing production of hydrocylinders was applied. A welding lab systematically works on introduction of advanced welding technologies, exercises control of welding quality with the help of modern methods and devices.

The plant is able to render services on production of spare parts with mechanical processing, galvanising, overhaul and production of optional equipment, devices for hoisting machines.

The plant constantly works on widening of products range, improvement of performance specifications, product serviceability and reliability. Design department of the plant is ready to meet any needs of the customer.

To activate production process the plant works on introduction of new products range to meet the demand of forestry, agriculure and oil and gas economy of Ukraine.

Technological resources of the enterprise enable the following kinds of production:
- Hydraulic cylinders with 40 mm to 200 mm piston diameter (stroke up to 6000 mm with a wide range of working pressure i.e. up to 25 MPa); hydraulic cylinders are made of steel with the characteristic 40 Kgs/cm2;
- Metal constructions with weight up to 2 t, made of steel with the characteristic up to 47 Kgs/cm2;
- Machining of different shaft parts and shrouds with diameter up to 2 m.
- Aluminum parts with weight up to 3 kg and surface 400 cm2.
- Plastic parts manufactured on the thermoplastic automatic machines with capacity of 125 - 250 cm3.

The galvanizing facilities are able to perform:
- chroming parts with diameter of 80 mm and length up to 7000 mm (which is done in flowing electrolyte, ensuring the coating thickness of 36 mkm.);
- nickelling parts;
- galvanizing parts.


1. hydraulic truck-mounted cranes:
- КS-4574А with load-lifting capacity 22,5 t on the chassis KamAZ, КrAZ, MAZ;
- КS-3575А-1 with load-lifting capacity 14 t on the chassis KamAZ, КrAZ, MAZ;
- КТА-14.02 with load-lifting capacity 14 t on the chassis КrAZ (truck chassis type 6х4);
- КТА-14.03 with load-lifting capacity 14 t on the chassis КrAZ (truck chassis type 6х6);
- КТА-14.04 with load-lifting capacity 14 t on the chassis KamAZ (truck chassis type 6х4, 6х6);
- КТА-14.05 with load-lifting capacity 14 t on the chassis МАZ (truck chassis type 4х2);
- КGS-28.01 with load-lifting capacity 28 t on the chassis Т-62;
- КТА-25 with load-lifting capacity 25 t on the chassis KamAZ, КrAZ, MAZ;
2. crane-manipulators;
3. trucks for transportation of pipes ТVG-10 on the chassis KrAZ, ZIL, Ural;
4. hydraulic cylinders with 40 mm to 200 mm piston diameter (stroke up to 7000 mm with working pressure up to 25 MPa);
5. spare parts for cranes;
6. special truck with replaced box SZК-3.0;
7. equipment for agriculture:
- mounting rotor mowing machine КNR-1.6;
- mounting rotor mowing machine КNR-2.7;
- mounting mowing machine КNP-2.1;
- ploughs PN-2-30, PN-3-30, PN-3-35.

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