Sokil, Plant

  • Address:
    4 Berezhanska str., c. Kyiv, 04074, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 430-49-71, 430-69-42
Director - Volodymyr V. Kanchura

Founded in 1965 "Sokil" Plant of the Ukrainian Hunters and Fishers Association has been the only Ukrainian manufacturer of the whole range of hunting, fishing and sports & tourist accessories for 45 years to date.

The company features the whole complex of stocking, processing, assembling and auxiliary workshops and fulfils the whole range of production and storing of the goods. The products are well-known both in Ukraine and abroad.

At exhibitions in Ukraine and in USA, Germany and France the company's products received the highest marks. In 1997 the plant was awarded the International Prize of the European Trade Club "For the Best Trade Mark" (Spain).

The products of the plant are popular both with native and foreign hunters and fishers, they do not lag behind in quality meeting all the relevant international standards and requirements of consumers. At present, the range of products of the plant counts up to 300 items:

- fisher’s accessories: spinning rods, bamboo rods, from 3 to 5 meters long, integral and assembled rods, different hooks, jigs for summer and spring fishing, minnows, bobs, rod line, winter rods, catch-up nets, crayfish nets;
- hunter’s accessories: PE shells, shot, winds-up, enclosures, sets for gun cleaning, covers, belts, gamebags, game hangers, cartridge belts, etc;
- tourist items: comfortable and capacious knapsacks, bags, tripods.

The plant has started production of Fisher's boxes, Polev's bullets with container-stabilisator (of 12, 16 and 20 caliber), gun powder dosers and etc.

The day-by-day work of the plant’s specialists is oriented to designing and implementation of new products as well as to replacing the existing technologies with more sophisticated ones.

The products manufactured at the plant are sold by wholesale and at retail, they come to the shelves of public organizations of fishers and hunters as well as to outlets of sports associations and private companies.

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