TATRA - YUG, Ukrainian-Czech Joint Venture

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    9 Vodoprovidna str., c. Odesa, 65007, Ukraine
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General Director - Anatoliy D. Kerdivara

Ecological safety, comfort and accessibility for general public are those factors that determine the optimal type of city transport. The branched network of electric transport in Ukraine, annual demand (500 carriages), and also the fact that the major part of rolling stock (70%) consists of trams put together in Czech Republic triggered the establishment of Ukrainian-Czech Joint Venture "Tatra-Yug". The process was initiated by Anatoliy Dmitrovich Kerdivara, a professional, who, on the position of Deputy Head of Odessa Tram and Trolley-Bus Administration, spent many years dealing with problems of developing city electric transport. The idea was supported by the state.

According to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 26 August 1993, "Tatra-Yug" Joint Venture was established, the co-founders of which were "Yuzhmash" (Dnipropetrovsk), "Tatra" (Czech Republic). Anatoliy D. Kerdivara is the General Director. The first output of trams assembled in Ukraine following Czech technology, was released in 1993. Since that time, the company has been the national leader in the sector of modern electric transport production.

The trams of the joint venture are made after the Czech TZM machine following Czech technology and partial use of components purchased in Czech Republic. The cars proved reliable in running along the routes of complex operating conditions, especially on hills. They are four axle, three-door cars designed to move one way, and equipped with a device to have two or three cars connected in one train.

The company is able to produce 100 cars a year. If required, the production volume may be increased from two to three times. The trams are much cheaper than similar European ones.

TZM cars operate in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Dnirpodzerzhinsk; more than 10 big cities of Russia are interested in purchasing them.

Expanding the sphere of its business "Tatra-Yug" JV elaborated and put into production tram rails of a new design (RGPB-54) that are used when laying tram railways according to European technology, which will enable to make trams traffic noiseless and more comfortable.

The production of rubber packing, the application of which significantly reduces wearing of mechanical and electric parts, has been implemented. The production of reinforced concrete slabs for railways is being set up.

Design novelties of "Tatra-Yug" JV were highly appreciated at the international scientific and technical conference in Russia attended by scientists, professional road workers from 65 cities of different countries. The company's trade mark has been successfully promoted on the world market. At present the production of tramcars and the tram itself undergo the certification in the frame of international standard ISO 9002.

Today "Tatra-Yug" is a joint venture that is a model project of interstate co-operation in new market conditions.

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