Naftogazbud, Firm, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    144 Stryiska str., c. Lviv, 79026, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0322) 63-05-30, 63-35-74
General director - A. Ponchko

“Naftogasbud” is one of the oldest companies in Ukraine engaged in the construction of petroleum and gas industry objects. For solution of these tasks the firm has highly skilled specialists and equipment that enables to perform works requiring high quality and professionalism in various climate conditions.

“Naftogasbud” is engaged in construction of:
- main gas pipelines, petroleum product lines, water pipelines, supply systems with diameter 15 to 1420 mm;
- compressor and pumping stations, reservoir parks, underground barns for gas and oil products;
- equipping of gas- and oilfields;
- production and auxiliary objects (roads, power supply, communication, water supply and sewage systems, etc.)

In order to assist a reliable collaboration with partners the firm constantly takes care of keeping its technical and production capacity on corresponding standard.

A special attention is paid to construction quality. Our specialists are able to evaluate quality of works at all construction stages and the quality of welding works. The equipment and the qualification of specialists give a chance to control the welded joints by x-ray, ultrasonic methods.

The firm has participated in construction of main gas pipeline systems for gas transportation from West Siberia to Europe, pipeline «Druzhba», ammonia pipeline Togliatti - Odessa. At present the firm is building Odessa - Brody oil pipeline.

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