Remo, Holding Group

  • Address:
    1-A Glinky str., c. Sverdlovsk, Lugansk reg., 94800, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06434) 2-24-63, 5-25-83
Director - Igor I. Tokarev

The holding group "Remo" is in the east of Ukraine in Luhansk Oblast in the town of Sverdlovsk on the border of Ukraine with Russia. It has operated in the Ukrainian and international markets for 9 years. The company employs 450 people.

“Remo” potent production facilities (manufacturing space: joiner's shop, engineering workshop, storage rooms, customs license warehouse, office building – the total area is more than 20.000 sq. m.

The structure of HG "Remo" includes the following firms:

- Corporation "Remo Ltd." - broker activity; repair of mining equipment; production of furniture and joiner's items; construction; design, adjustment, repair and maintenance of equipment, gears and automobiles, computer facilities, home appliances and other technical equipment.
Dealer network for sale of furniture in five cities of the region: Lugansk, Rovenky, Krasnodon, Alchevsk, and Stakhanov.

- IIC "Spetspromtehnika" – marketing of coal of anthracite of all marks, delivery of a mining equipment, building of external gas pipelines, intermediary services, trade

- Joint Venture "Plan-Rem-Stroy" – production of metal-and-plastic windows and doors, Venetian blinds.

- ATE "Avtorem" - cargo and passenger transportation. The automobile stock includes up to 40 motor-vehicles.

- Company "Remavtoservis Ltd." - repair of automobiles of all marks, trade in domestic and imported automobiles. A general agent of "Avto-ZAZ DAEWOO", "DAEWOO Motor Ukraine", "Ukrprominvest".

Our firm is interested in foreign partners for management of joint business on the territory of Ukraine and countries of Europe.

Adoption of the Law about territories of priority development in Luhansk Oblast has established favourable conditions for development of business jointly with foreign partners.

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