Black Sea Shipping Company, State Black Sea Shipping Company

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    Lanzheronivska str., 1, c. Odesa, 65026, Ukraine
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    +38(0482) 25-21-60
President - Oleksandr P. Diordiev

The State Black Sea Shipping Company was founded in 1833.

Since then the company has got:
- great experience, knowledge, and all-round skills in all types of vessels’ operation;
- organizes the working process and carries out the analyses of international shipping activities;
- provides safety of navigation and cargo delivery;
- trains and attests the crews;
- provides the legal defense of shipowner, shipper and consignee interests.

Nowadays the fleet reduced greatly, but nevertheless it saved as running authority the following staff: ship operators of international level, managers, master-instructors, super intendants, experts, engineer-technician staff and is still functioning in the following ways:


the company can offer a wide range of services:
- organization of optimal ship operation, marketing, business plan, agenting, freightage;
- commercial ship operation, examination and regulation of claims, suit actions, maritime insurance, conclusion of agreement and contracts;
- technology of cargo shipment;
- technical ship operation, organization and supervision on ship repair, compiling of repair lists;
- legal consultations and legal actions in international maritime practice on shipowner interests defense;
- providing of ship navigation safety;
- qualified attestation of navigators, engineers, electrical engineers according to their duties;
- compiling plans, projects, working out and making conclusions, reviews and expert conclusions on above mentioned spheres of maritime business.


the company has nearly five thousand of certified, highly qualified officers and seamen for ship crews.
State working center of Labour & Social policy Ministry of Ukraine on May 19, 2000 gave the license No. 1184 to BLASCO on legal right as meditation in job arrangements for work abroad.

In this connection we can offer the services in completing the crews of foreign ship owners with skilled and highly qualified crew specialists and we’ll be very glad to consider ship owners proposals on crewing.


the companny is engaged in deliveries of technical supply to ashore organizations of the marine transport of Ukraine – the ports, ship repairing yards, educational and medicine institutions, etc.

For the last years the company is in close cooperation with the native and foreign shipowners and agency companies.

The long-standing business relations with the manufacturers and suppliers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, England and other countries, as well as business contacts with native and foreign agencies, and transport enterprises, allow to arrange the delivery of ship’s stores in terms agreed with the customers practically in any region of the world. There are open and closed storage areas in the disposal and transport and transshipment means in Odessa and Ilyichevsk as well and that makes it possible to put in storage and handle various goods and even those being under “customs control” as well.

We have for an object to satisfy at most the needs of our partners by combined and single deliveries of ship’s stores at optimum flexible prices, certified by classification societies and up to the standards of International Ship Supply Association (ISSA).

All results of the ship company activities in keeping the stability and survival in the terms of financial and economic crisis were marked in 2000 by honored award of Assistance to national industry of France Association (SPI) – "Gold Medal", taken and nominal certificate, being the proof of the company contribution to the sphere of strategic management.


the company can offer a wide range of services in IW, SW, USW marine radio including radiotelephone and radiotelex communication. It can also offer services via Inmarsat mobile satellite communication, ship to ship and office to ship data transmission via Internet.

Moreover the company can train crews according to the system: GMDSS, ARPA, RLS.
We can offer services in installation and managing computer networks, in ship communication and navigation equipment repairing.

Now we are in final stage of testing packet communication which allows data transmission from computer memory via USW, IW, SW.


The ship is the full member of International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST).
- TSS "Lesozavodsk" has the certificate of identity by State Authority of Marine and River Transport of Ukraine, by Head State Ukraine inspection on safety navigation, by Ukraine Navigation Register.
- TSS "Lesozavodsk" can offer training and issuing of the following certificates:
- Safety management system (SMS) (U1/1)
- Specialist in lifeboats and liferafts (U1/2p 1-4)
- Specialist in speedy duty boats (U1/2p 5-8)
- Specialist in fire fighting on extended program (U1/3)
- First aid rendering (U1/4-1)
- Medical nursing aboard (for masters and chief mates) (U1/4-2)
- Breathing apparatus application (U/1, U1/1)
- Acquaintance with oil tankers (U/1)
- Drain tanks with raw oil
- Acquaintance with gas carrier (U/I)
- Acquaintance with chemical carrier (U/I)
- Dangerous cargo carriage
- RO-RO passenger ships staff (U/2)
- Passenger ships (but not RO-RO) staff (U/3)
- Operator GMDSS


BLASCO is the member of Black Sea International Shipowners Association which consists of shipping companies of Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Ukrainian River fleet as well.

BLASCO helps to communicate and cooperate with mentioned above members.


Agency of protection and general security (AP and GS) of BLASCO is the member of International Marine Bureau (London), contacts with this international organization, takes part in all measures of organization in Great Britain and other countries. AP and GS creates militarized subdivisions in terms of ships and BLASCO property protection.

BLASCO staff is your reliable partner !

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