Experimental and Constructive Technological Institute of Protective Coatings, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    115-B Zelena str., c. Lviv, 79035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 270-15-22, 270-16-35
Chairman of the Board: Mr. B.E. Shestopalov

Experimental & Constructive Technological Institute of Protective Coatings, OJSC is a scientific - and - industrial enterprise with a great experience in working out and introducing into production the ecologically clean technologies and equipment of protective coatings (plating, painting, washing, cleaning, anticorrosive protection and industrial ecology).

Equipment of the Institute is successfully working at many plants of the Commonwealth of the Independent States: ZIL, GAZ, MAZ, AZLK, KamAZ etc., at the Ukrainian plants: Lviv Bus Plant, Lviv Autoloader Plant, Kremenchuk Wheels Plant, Joint-Stock Company "Ista" (Dnepropetrovsk), "Sputnik" plant (Kiev), Bratslav plant of agricultural machines, etc. and in the far foreign states: Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, USA, Poland.

In 1996-1997 the Institute won the tender and supplies plating and washing equipment to the Bank-Note Mint of the National bank of Ukraine for manufacturing of coins.

To provide the output of the competitive production at any enterprise, the Institute is able to design and manufacture the ecologically safe and the most modern equipment of protective coatings, to pass it on "turn-key" basis and provide service maintenance.

The Institute performs the following work:

a) plating production
-working out the technologies, designing, manufacturing and passing to on "turn-key" basis the equipment for plating coatings, including: mechanical-and-chemical and electrochemical zinc-and cadmium-plating, chrome-plating (hard and decorative one), nickel-, copper-plating, phosphatizing, oxidizing etc.;
-manufacturing of wear-resistant anodes;
-carrying out the examination of the designs of the plating workshops and bays;
-inspection of the technical and economic condition of the chemical plating production and carrying out of the technical re-equipment;

b) painting production
-designing the technologies, manufacturing and passing to on "turn-key" basis the equipment for painting-and -drying complexes with the systems of preparation, recovery and repeated usage of the solutions and paint-and-varnish materials, including the energy-saving painting of products with the powder polymeric paints in electrostatic field and with the liquid paint-and-varnish materials by different methods, including automatic electrostatic spraying with the manipulators and high-circulating sprayers;
-working out the technology and equipment for processing the waste products and repeated usage of paint-and-varnish materials;
-the target-oriented modification of paint-and-varnish materials for the corrosion-resistance improvement of the coatings and rendering other properties to above-mentioned materials;
-devising of the thermoresistant compounds for paint-and varnish coatings;
-working out the technology and equipment for the workbays of preparation and distribution of paint-and-varnish materials and solvents;
-investigation of the working painting production with the aim of designing the technical propositions for the improvement of the coatings quality and industrial ecology;

c) washing, cleaning, packing of the products into the polymeric film, products temporary anticorrosive protection
-designing the technologies, manufacturing and passing to on "turn-key" basis of the equipment for washing and cleaning of the products from the mechanical pollution, residuals of lubricating-and-cooling liquids, mineral lubricants, corrosion product, etc.;
-carrying out the rapid corrosion tests in climatic chambers;
-depositing of the relief coatings and anticorrosive compounds;
-cutting and welding of the polymeric film;
-products packing into thermoshrinking film.

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