Samotsvity, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    23 Paryzkoyi komuny str, c. Slovyansk, Donetsk reg., 84100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06262) 2-12-94, 2-30-86, 2-40-83, 2-43-31
Chairperson of the Board: Ms. Nila Kazymirivna Golovina

"Samotsvity", Closed Joint-Stock Company is the oldest pencil producing enterprise in Ukraine.

Pencil production was started in Slov'yansk in 1915 and became the first pencil production enterprise in the former Soviet Union. Before the Revolution of 1917 and up to that day Russia had not had any pencil making companies, and pencils were not produced altogether. During the Soviet regime Slov'yansk Pencil Factory evaluated from a graphite pencil production workshop with a limited range of offered goods to one of the largest pencil producing enterprises.

During World War II the factory was completely destroyed. The enterprise was economically renovated. Since that time the output of the reconstructed factory has been on the continuous rise, the range of products has been expanding, and the quality and characteristics of the products have been constantly upgraded. At present, the factory produces the following types of pencils: color, cosmetic, graphite, souvenir and special pencils that can write on wood, glass, metal, fabric; shanks: colored and graphite. Pencils are produced in sets and as single pieces. The factory produces pencils in wooden and paper covers, sets of color pencils writing on paper and cardboard, and shanks for mechanical pencils: graphite shanks with different characteristics as to their hardness and color with high-quality writing capacity.

Together with the main products (pencils and writing shanks) the factory produces dry school and designing paints, gouache paints, children plasticine, shoe polish, household candles, putty, and school chalks. The waste remaining as one of the outcomes of the pencil production process is used to produce wood chip plates for building purposes, slot wedges for repairing electric engines, and figure caramel sticks for confectionery.