Spetsarm, Scientific-Production Enterprise

  • Address:
    31a Zamarstynivska str., c. Lviv, 79058, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0322) 52-44-23
Director: Mr. Sergey S. Tovbelov

Company products:
- valves nongland with disc ceramic and metal-ceramic gates:
- valve with electromechanical final-control device (DN 32; 50; 80)
- valve with pneumatic drive (DN 50; 80)
- valve with compact electromechanical drive (DN 15, 20)
- valve for underground installation without manhole, with manual drive (DN 32; 50; 80).

Advantages of the valves:
- high tightness and reliability
- successful operation with abrasive, aggressive and toxic media
- the smallest of the known mass and overall dimensions
- absence of gland assembly unit
- easy to mount on pipeline and easy to operate
- possibility of automatic control of the process media flows.

Valves of various designs are made upon the customers orders including those for high parameters of operating media. The valves can be furnished with electromechanical drives, pneumatic drives, and with manual control to be installed in underground pipelines without manholes ect.

The high competitiveness of the valves is grounded by the ever growing demand for the valves both on the Ukrainian and European markets in such fields as the oil industry, gas industry, chemical industry, alcohol producing industry and medical industry.
It is necessary to mention that the makeup of the valves is protected by Russian and Ukrainian patents. The valves were examined by the certification center of the Special Certification Panel.
Presently, SPETSARM is seeking to extend the nomenclature of the products, including diameters, temperature (up to + 500) and pressure due to modernization of the makeup and with the help of up-to-date technologies and materials.

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