Pervomaiskdieselmash, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    17 Gagarina str., c. Pervomaysk, Mykolaiv reg., 55213, Ukraine
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    +38(05161) 5-23-36, 5-44-68, 5-41-69
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Chairman of the Board, General Director - Mykhaylo A. Yudin

"Pervomaiskdieselmash" OJSC For those years the company has pass transformed into an advanced enterprise producing highly sophisticated machinery, namely stationary and vessel diesel generators with power capacities of upto 800 kW.

Nowadays the range of products manufactured by the company is presented by:
1. Vessel diesel engines and diesel generators:
- 8ChNP 560 kW vessel propulsion engines with a power takeoff flange revolution rate of 300 rev/min. These are designed for installation on controllable propeller pitch towboats and transport ships;
- 6-8 NCh 25/34 diesel engines of 400-800 kW at 500-600 rev./min. These are designed for installation as drives of suction dredges on dredge ships, etc.
- Diesel generators DGR 2A 320/500-1, DGR 2A 500/500-1 and DGR2A800/750 with capacity of 320, 500 and 800 kW respectively, designed for vessels with unlimited navigation area;
Vessel diesel engines and diesel generators are certified in compliance with the Russian Maritime Shipping Register.

2. Stationary diesel engines:
- Series of DGA–315-1, DGA-500-2, DGA-630, DGA-800 four engines burning diesel fuel and rated to operate at 315, 500, 600 and 800 kW;
- Series of GDGA-500 and GDGA-800 four engines burning natural and accompanying gas, mine methane with ignition dose of diesel fuel and rated to operate at 500 and 800 kW;
- DVG1A-500 и DVG1A-630 spark-ignited engines burning natural and accompanying gas, mine methane rated to operate at 500 and 630 kW;
- co-generating units based on gas engines generating power and heat energy with fuel factor of 75-85%.
The company can produce and supply heat and power generating plants of unit-type on a "turn-key" basis.

As option diesel generators may be supplied with a disposal water-heating plant enabling to generate both electric power and practically the same amount of heat.

The stationary diesel engines serve as main or reserve power and heat supply units either at enterprises and settlements located away from the central power systems or sites where continuous power supply is required:
- exploration and extraction of mineral resources;
- metallurgical and chemical industry;
- food industry (meat packing plants, dairy plants and plants of canned dairy products, bakeries, etc.);
- agricultural sector (processing plants, incubator plants and poultry farms, elevators, etc.);
- housing and communal economy (boiling houses, pumping stations, water purification plants);
- forestry (wood processing plants, timber industry enterprises).

Along with it, the company provides servicing of the supplied equipment during the whole period of its operation, including:
- turnkey adjustment and startup operations, staff training;
- delivery of engines and spare parts for both engines manufactured by the company and other producers may be effected to any part of the world;
- on-site service, running and mid-life repairs, including that of vessel engines without having to stop their operation;
- modernisation of the diesels operated by customers.

The company is prepared to provide repair and operation restoration of a great variety of diesel engine modifications, compressors and other types of machinery.

With many-year experience, well-trained staff, various production equipment available, the company is ready to co-operate on mutually beneficial terms to find best solutions to customer needs in power and heat supply.

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