Cherkasy Integrated Silk Mill, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    170 Engelsa str., c. Cherkasy, 18036, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0472) 64-53-11, 64-53-33, 64-55-09
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Director: Mr. Oleksandr L. Lugovsky

The Great Silk Route in Ukraine starts in Cherkasy. In January 1967, the first hundreds of millions of metres of superior-quality cloth were manufactured there (under the trade mark of Cherkasy Integrated Silk Mill) and brought joy to millions of people in dozens countries of the world.

At present, Cherkasy Integrated Silk Mill is a powerful and high-technology enterprise incorporating two big ones: the first deals with twisting and weaving fabrics and includes 9 workshops, the second deals with dyeing and applying patterns, including 5 workshops.

The workshops are equipped with the latest engineering machinery produced both in Ukraine and abroad. The following fact demonstrates how much attention is paid to re-equipment: USD15.4 million have been invested in it for the last 10 years. Nowadays, the rated productive capacity is 70 million running metres of finished cloth a year, that is 38 per cent of possible output of silk cloth in Ukraine.

The integrated silk mill manufactures a wide range of fabrics that vary in composition structure and pattern and can be used for padding; sewing , raincoats, dresses, shirts, fancy goods; upholstering furniture; special purposes.

Our products are well-known in all countries in the world: the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, and successfully compete with analogous fabrics manufactured in European countries.

Our exported products have won a high European award – “Golden Star”.
Our range of products is constantly renewed, following trends in fashion and responding to consumer demand.

The Integrated Silk Mill successfully cooperates with trading companies, garment factories, fashion houses, fulfils State orders, and exports products abroad.
The company has its own chain of outlets and takes part in International exhibitions and fairs.

The enterprise faces serious problems that should be immediately solved. One of them is difficulty with getting power resources that we are trying to solve ourselves by building our own boiler – house. Bringing it into operation will not only make it possible to save money, but will also enable to stabilize the work of the enterprise.

We have managed to keep the staff of the enterprise that numbers 3000 employees and are capable of working on the world market and increasing our output.

We are optimists and believe that the Great Silk Route from Cherkasy will become wider and stretch out across all the continents.

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