Skloplastyk, Association, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    Promyslova str., 2, c. Severodonetsk, Lugansk reg., 93403, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0645) 70-29-07, (06452) 2-76-40, 4-43-30, 4-44-74
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Year of foundation – 1959
Number of employees – 1200

glass marbles, glass fiber materials (glass roving, glass fabric, chopped glass fiber strand), glass filled polyamides, chemical resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes and tanks, profile articles, rolled up materials for thermoinsulation and protection facing, sheet production, large piece production manufactured by contact molding and consumer goods.

There are no plants in Ukraine manufacturing the same products.

machine-building, motor-car, electric- and radio engineering enterprises, glass fiber and glass fiber manufacturers, etc.

Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Israel, Germany, USA, Turkey, Switzerland, etc.