Centerenergo, Public Joint Stock Company

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    120/4 "e", Kozatska Str., c. Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 364-02-14, 364-02-76
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Centrenergo is public joint stock company in the course of privatisation. The company owns three thermal power stations - Vuglegirska TPS, Zmiyv TPS and Trypilska TPS. Total installed capacity of the unit equipment of these TPSs amounts to 7550 MW. Relate to installed capacity, Centrenergo places the fourth position among power generating companies of Ukraine and the third place among TPS power generating companies of Ukraine. There are 23 power units with installed capacity from 175 to 800 MW including 14 coal and 9 gas-and-oil-burning ones at the power stations of Centrenergo. In 2000, power stations of Centrenergo generated 16,5 bln kWh of electricity. Relate to this indicator, Centrenergo took the third position among power generating companies of Ukraine.
Power stations of Centrenergo have advantageous geographical location (see the map of Ukraine). The largest power station of Centrenergo - Vuglegirska TPS is located in industrially developed region of Ukraine - Donbass. In the territory of this region there are large number of energy-intensive industrial enterprises. In addition, Donbass is located close to the Ukraine - Russia boundary. Donbass coal basin is also located in the territory of Donbass Region. Zmiyv TPS is in the territory of Kharkiv Region of Ukraine. This region adjoins Donbass Region and also has advanced industry as well as agriculture. The third power station of Centrenergo - Trypilska TPS is located in the territory of capital Kyiv Region near the capital of Ukraine - the city of Kyiv. After Chernobyl NPS had been closed, Tripillia TPS remained the most powerful electricity generation source in the territory of Kyiv Region.

Equipment of power stations of Centrenergo have been under operation for 30-40 years on the average and requires reconstruction. Centrenergo developed proposals concerning technical reconstruction of its power stations. This reconstruction is intent to be performed in three stages. At the first stage "small" reconstruction will be implemented in order to raise economical and ecological parameters of power units and to prolong their service life. At the second stage - "average" reconstruction, it is planned to prolong service life of power stations of the company for 10-15 years and to attain considerable improvement of their economical and ecological parameters. And, finally, the third stage is designed for purposes of complete replacement of worn out equipment and technical re-equipment of the power stations of Centrenergo with application of advanced power technologies and equipment.
To implement wide-ranging reconstruction of the company's power stations it is necessary to attract considerable funds both own and borrowed. Therefore, Centrenergo is interested in long-term co-operation with strategic investor which will be entitled to become co-owner of the company through purchasing of 24 percent stake of the company's shares on a commercial tender which is scheduled according to Share Allocation Plan of Centrenergo in the course of the company privatisation.

Centrenergo has had practical experience of co-operation with leading world companies. Nowadays at Zmiivska TPS of Centrenergo the project of reconstruction of #3 power unit is being implemented. This project has been designed by Siemens in co-operation with other German companies. Leading German banks take part in financing this project.
All parties that are interested in participation in prospect projects of development of Centrenergo in particular investors, suppliers of equipment and services, design institutions are welcome.

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