Biostimulator, Company

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    30, Lokomotyvna str., c. Odesa, 65013, Ukraine
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    +38(048) 759-10-20, 783-08-51
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"Biostimulator" was founded in the city of Odesa in the twenties of this century, as the fourth galena factory.

The factory' shops produce more than 60 items of the ready-made drugs in the form of injection solutions in ampoules, tablets, ready drugs which fall into dif-ferent pharmacological & therapeutic groups; vitamins in the form of dragees, injection and oily solutions, drugs for a veterinary medicine.

The aforesaid drugs include: biogenic stimulators, which are made in accordance with the academician V.P.Filatov method, such as widely known extractum aloes fluidum, peloidodestilatum, FiBS, Torfotum.
Our phytochemical shop is one of the greatest manufacturing site in Ukraine, where drugs are made on the basis of natural phytogenic stuff. For example, improved complex processing of a dog rose fruits let us manufacture some drugs: cholosasum, dog rose oil (oleum rosa pingue), carotolinum, lipo-chrominum. We extract- 'Solutio salvini spirituosa 1 %' from a grass of a sage, which has a high antibacterial activity, antiphlogistic effect and are applied in case oral diseases.
Last years our factory launched manufacturing of the vital antituberculosis drugs - ethambutolum, pyrazinamidum.
Our factory is the only in Ukraine, which manufacture psychotropic drugs phenazepami, gidazepami, nozepami, nitrazepami, sibazonum.

"Biostimulator’s" drugs are distributed in CIS countries - Russia, Byelo-russia, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and abroad in Poland; negotiations on delivery of our drugs in other countries are being conducted.

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