Chernivtsi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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    20 Stasyuka str., c. Chernivtsy, 58029, Ukraine
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    +38(0372) 51-88-09, 54-39-24, 54-39-25
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Prezident - Vasyl M. Lyahovych
Vice-President - Volodyimyir P. Kuznetsov

Historical past
Chamber’s movement on Bukovina has arisen in second half XIX of century, when development of an industry and trade caused to life establishment, which represented and asserted interests of business circles of region.

June 1, 1850 29 representatives from establishments of trade and the industries of territory have carried out the constituent taxes concerning creation of chamber of trade and industry of Bukovina on the basis of the Decree Austrian from March 18, 1850.

From that time the commercial and industrial chamber on Bukovina worked under jurisdiction of the various states: the Austria-Hungarian empire - almost 70 years, Romania - quarter, and USSR - half of century.

The first president of Chamber was Wilgelm fon Alt - businessman, famous in the redion, with which headed it more than 30 years.

The Austrian government gave to Chamber the right to use the certain political rights: it was recognized separate constituency in selective system and received 2 places in Bukovina’s parliament and one place in Chamber of ambassadors of the Austrian empire.

The chamber represented and protected interests of the dealers and industrialists of region. Circle of its activity included businesses, which concerned customs houses, consulates, quarantine establishments, loan cash departments, regional transportations, railway and river message, post connection, tendering, fairs and exhibitions, registration of firm brands and patents. Besides it was founder of trade and craft schools, agreed to a nominee in judicial assessors in businesses of trade, acted by the arbitration judge in the decision of the trade and industrial conflicts.

In 1910-1912 years by the architect Fridrih Gotesman was designed and is constructed on the Theatrical area of Chernivtsi the own premise of Chamber, which facade and today is decorated with gallery of boards from the image of the main instruments of shop crafts.

The further work of commercial and industrial chamber of Bukovina was under jurisdiction of Romania, when at the end of 1919 there was a created Chernivtsi district chamber of trade and industry. During the Romanian authorities the Chamber was three times reorganized: in 1925, 1929 and 1934, was on liquidated June 27, 1940. Has restored the activity in 1941 and worked till 1944.

In the Soviet period of function of regional commercial and industrial chamber carried out a bureau of commodity examinations, which worked in a legal field of firm "Vneshservice" of Commercial and industrial chamber of Ukraine.


The Chernivtsi Chamber of Commerce and Industry was registered on March 2, 1993. It was the first regional commercial and industrial chamber in independent Ukraine.

For years of the activity the Chernivtsi Chamber of Commerce and Industry considerably has increased the rating in a business society of region. Behind its initiatives and in interests local producers the bilaterial contacts and signed agreements on cooperation with regional commercial and industrial chambers of Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Republic Bilorussia are established, the representation in one is open. Suchava (Romania) created Association of commercial and industrial chambers of Euroregion "Verhniy Prut".

Since 1995 the newspaper " the Business bulletin " is monthly given out.
Considerably has quickened exhibition’s activity.

Chernivtsi Chamber of Commerce and Industry creates favorable conditions for enterprise activity, development of all kinds of managing, establishment of industrial, scientific and technical and trade connections between the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises and organizations.


Department of examination and certification
- distribution of the certificates of an origin of the goods for realization of export of the Ukrainian goods at all country of the world;
- an expert rating of mobile and immovable property, engineering, vehicle, equipment, materials, raw material, consumer goods;
- definition of a code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities on export and import production;
- examination of quality, quantity(amount), completeness of the goods, production, raw material;
- an establishment of residual cost of vehicles damaged(injured) owing to transport adventures, judicial examination;
- definition of norms of expenses of raw materials for manufacturing production with raw material

Department of foreign trade activities
- organization of meetings both negotiation for the chiefs and experts of the Ukrainian enterprises with the representatives of foreign firms;
- realization of presentations of firms and organizations;
- development of the projects of the external economic contracts, contracts and their reviewing;
- granting of advice on foreign trade activities

Department of exhibitions
- organization of business trips of the domestic businessmen on foreign exhibitions and fairs;
- organization both realization thematic and industry shows

Sector of information
- the previous search of the partners and international information marketing;
- granting of the price, address and nomenclature information;
- transfer of the offer to the foreign partners;
- entering of the enterprises to the not state registry of the Ukrainian enterprises, which financial status testifies to their reliability as partners in enterprise activity in Ukraine and behind its(her) borders;
- granting of the information of a nomenclature type from databases;
- inclusion of the offer of the enterprise to the automated databank of Ukraine and Europe;
- the analytical information on various business, commercial, external economic, normative question

Regional center of bar-codes
- coding of all assortment of products, development of a complete bar code in view of the properties and attributes of products;
- production of master files of bar codes;
- bar code quality check

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