INTRON, Business Support Center

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    27 Shevchenka blvd, c. Donetsk, 83000, Ukraine
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    +38(062) 332-36-81
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Director - Mykhailo Ye. Alperovych

Services that company renders:

- Legal services (registration, transactions, representation);
- Consulting services (business processes, management, business-planning, strategic planning, marketing, restructuring, sanation);
- Accounting services
( full accounting service, consultations);
- Auditing services;
- Assessment (property, corporate rights);
- Training (restructuring, marketing, sales techniques, national accounting standards, technology of accounting, effective tax accounting);
- Franchising of the accounting technology.

Business Support Center worked under NEWBIZNET(DAI) project, Barens-group.

Company's mission:
Assist to the development of Ukrainian business by rendering consulting and adjacent services.

Legal services:
Company's employees render practically all complex of legal services for entrepreneurs.
For example:
- Enterprise registration (Firm "INTRON" was the first company in Donetsk, which started rendering these services. We, in particular, established the market standard of the quantity and quality of this service);
- Agreements, contracts
( development of the scheme, documents, negotiations, legalization, representation, etc.);
- Disputes (unfortunately, sometimes disputes have to be considered in court).

Company's employees provide consulting services to clients on all aspects of the economic activity. Any client's problem is studied from the reasons of its emergence. Giving consultations we provide clients with our understanding of the reasons and give recommendations on the elimination of these reasons. Single consultations are paid by an hour rate. Those clients, who subscribed to our services, are considered to be our constant clients. All consultations (both oral and written) are registered in order to check their quality.

Consulting services:
Company's employees have theoretical knowledge and practical experience in:
- Analysis, designing and implementation of changes in the business- processes;
- Management -consulting;
- Business-planning;
- Marketing, market planning;

Restructuring (complex of work on increase of the enterprise competitiveness).

Accounting services:
"INTRON" developed and successfully uses a unique technology of accounting, built on the basis of conveyer principle. Currently 29 clients of our company (small enterprises) work without chief accountant, this activity is carried out by INTRON company.
We prepare and submit tax statements.
We participate in the tax inspection examinations.
We are financially responsible for possible mistakes in calculating taxes.
The main benefits for our clients are the following:
they can run their busiiness, not spending their time on contacts with tax authorities.

Our company is staffed with certified auditors. The full complex of auditing services.

The company is staffed with licensed appraisers. All types of assessment.

Company's trainers - employees, who have practical experience of work and have been specially trained for work with grown-up people. Trainings are structured by module principle and may be modified for this or that target group.
All trainings are conducted in small (up to 16 people) groups. Real practical situations from our clients' experience are used as cases. The most popular trainings are:
- "Strategy, Marketing". Different modules with the overall duration of 16 - 24 hours. The most frequent duration is - 20 hours. The number of people in the group is up to 16;
- "Sales". Different modules with the overall duration of 16 - 24 hours.The most frequent duration is - 20 hours. The number of people in the group is up to 16;
- "Effective tax accounting". Elements of accounting technology, which allow to effectively make tax settlements in a very short period (less than one hour). Duration of training - 8 hours. The number of people in the group is up to 16;
- "National accounting standards". Duration of training - 24 hours. Through example is used. The number of people in the group is up to 20;
- "Accounting technology". The complete course of accounting technology, which allows to organize work of the company's division, involved in accounting with the highest (by several times) productivity. The duration of the course is 40 hours. The number of people in the group is up to 12;
- "Management of accounting service provision". Training module on the fundamentals of management and marketing conducted to the division, involved in accounting service provision to the external customers. The duration of the course - 8 hours. Nomber of people in the group is 12.

Technology of the organization of accounting is available to the company's clients in franchising mode. The service is for the company, which organizes the complete accounting escort of the external clients. Further the technology is maintained in its actual position in relation to changes in legislation , improvement of certain processes, changes in control procedures, etc..

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