Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

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    Kioto str., 19, c. Kyiv, 02156, Ukraine
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Rector - Mazaraki Anatoly Antonovych, academic, professor, doctor of economics sciences, fellow-correspondent of Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Science, merited worker of sciences and technic of Ukraine.

National Trade Economics University of Kyiv was found in the 1966 , before 1994 was named Kiev Trade Economics institute. By the President decree № 1059 from September 11 2000 was granted the tile of National University. There are 19'500 students including 9'700 at the day time stadying, 9'300 - by corresponding, 500 - evening time. There are 5 directions to specialist training (economics and business, management, trading, food industry and ingeniering, law). There are 13 specialized educations and 24 profession. The University has 538 pedagogical scientinst the part of scientists have degree of doctor and candidate is about 60%. There are 12 Merited Workers of Science, Technics and High School, 4 Academicians and 4 fellow-correspondent of Academies. The University has 6 faculty (registration-financial, economics sciences, management and law, marketing, banking, food industry, hotel management and tourism, prepareing).

It contents as departments Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi Trade and Economics Institutes, Specialist Level Rising Institute, Kolomyia Law and Economics College, Vinnytsa Tecnology College, Khmelnytsky Economics College, Professional Colleges №1 and №2 (of Kyiv-City) and 3 of Teach Centers also.

The University is considered as most of respectable study and science center in the state. It is leader in the High-School reforming, was the first renewed learning contents, in the broad establishment computer science based on a modern software, as local and international networks, creating one of the best university library has modern economics materials and electronic service. High level of specialist training provided by skilled pedagogic officers. There is generalised for different education institutions High School for a pedagogical craft to master modern teach ways. Creative pedagogical contacts are ceeped betveen 53 educational institutions of the 21 countries. Our state is presented by the University in the 7 respectable international organizations including International High School Association, it takes part in establishing of some international projects including the projects for training specialists in treasuring, banking, hotel management and tourism. Fast changes in educational program, the way to trainig the specialists in socially required areas make the young people, numerous businessmans, organizations, establishemants to pay more attantion.


Found in 1966

"Enterprise Dealing" (specialization "Business economy at the commodity and service market")
"Finances" (specialization "Enterprise finances")
"Marketing" (specialization "Marketing research at the commodity and service market", "Advertisement business")
"Enterprise management" (specialitions "Management at the commodity and service market", "Customs management")
"Management in the antimonopoly sphere"
"Management in the foreign dealing"
"Law" (specializatios "Commercial law", "Financial law", "Legal support of business security")
"Commercial Dealing"

Studying terms: day time studying - 5 years, tuition by correspondece - 5 years.


Specialities description

"Record-keeping and audit"


At the Faculty of Public Nourishment, Hotel Economic and Tourism students are trained to higher education on levels Bachelor, Specialist, Master for the next specialities and specializations
- "Management of enterprise" (specializations: "Management in tourist industry", "Management in hotel and restaurant business", "Management in public nourishment" - at level of Master
"Food industry" (specialization: "Techology of public nourishment, restourants and service")
Studying term: day time - 4 years 10 months, by correspondence - 5 years 6 months. By correspondence short kind for persons who have higher education from institution of I and II accreditation levels in choosen speciality - 3 years 6 months.

Specialities description: specialis is trained for organize work and management in branch of economic, personnel, commercial, investment, research activity at enterprises, firms, research institutions in branch of hotel economic, public nourishment and tourism.


There are five subfaculy working on the faculty: audit, accountenting, finances and information systems and networks (leaving) and statistics and econommetry

Audit subfaculty

Accountenting subfaculty

Financial subfaculty

Information systems and networks subfaculty


Year of establishment - 1966
Studying term: Day time - 4 years 10 months, by correspondence - 4 years 10 months.

Specialities description

"Merchandise and commercial activity " (specialization "Merchandise of articles of food goods and commercial activity", " Merchandise of articles of non-food goods and commercial activity", " Merchandise and organization of foreign trade ").
"Merchandise and examination in customs business"
"Examination of the goods and services"


Was found in: 1996

Activity purposes: · Foreign citizens is learned to speak the Ukrainian (or Russian); training coming students to study in Ukrainian High-School institutions. · Prepare Ukrainian citizens who want to enter an university: rising skills and deepen knowleges in branches used as entrance examination.

Learning term:
For foreign came students - 1 year. For Ukrainian citizens - 8 months.

Teaching on the Student Prepare Faculty put into practice: Foreign came students - according the programs suitable for the activity purposes; Ukrainian (or Russian) learned as base language to study in High-School instittutions. Studying a personal program is possible. For Students - Ukrainian citizens according the programs of Ukrainian Education Ministry to entrance in High-School institutions.

On the Faculty Ukrainian (or Russian) mastered post-graduate students to take candidate of sciences test.
Foreign came students has right for living-place in a hostel (two-person rooms or personal for additional fee) and give help to solve everyday life troubles, legal support in granting a Visa and writing additional papiers.

Entrance Requirements: · Foreign came students: the form, certified copy of education document with an index of courses was learned and its marks; medical certificate of no AIDS, medical certificate approving ability to live in Ukrainian climate and studying in choosen educational institutions certified a legal medical institution of a native country; certified copy of birth certificate, 6 photoes 6x4 cm. · Ukrainian Citizens: copy of a school education certificate or a certificate received in a school; table of marks of last school studying year; medical cerfificate; 2 photoes.

Base language: Ukrainian (or Russian).

Student prepare carried out on the terms of full expences compensation:
· Foreign came student - $1000 (US). For Ukrainian citizen students - $250 (US).


- development the branch of commodity circulation;
- theoretical base of competition environment shaping in transformation systems;
- reforming foreign economic activiti of Ukraine;
- organization-economic problems of tourist service market development in Ukraine;
- theoretical and practical problems of goods quality;
- organization an marketing of electronical commerce system;
- effectiveness of budget system operation in circumstances of financial economic reforms;
- optimisation of food nutrition and biological value for mass healing nourishing;
- creating and introduction effective technologies of processing and preserving agriculture production;
- improvement of record-ceeping, analysis and audit, control of different form enterprises;
- controlling in commercial bank management system;
- contents and studies methods renewing in high school.

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